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Hello I recently applied for a position at NYU, they sent me an email recently saying to complete an online questionnaire or assessment tool. Is that a good sign? Do I have a good chance of hearing... Read More

  1. by   NurseAudrey95
    Hello, I also received an invite to the Peri-Op interview day. However, I am not attending this interview day as I am longer looking for a job. Out of curiosity does anyone know when the actual Kimmel Pavilion opens?
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  2. by   nursingstudentmoe
    The kümmel Building is scheduled to open the end of June. I don't have the exact date, but during orientation the nursing leaders say sometime around the end of June.
  3. by   newgradRN_
    I attended the perioperative interview day yesterday, February 15th. Has anyone received an offer yet ?? I'm curious as to how quick they will be to make offers !
  4. by   kdacayo
    I also attended the Periop Interview Day but haven't heard anything since that email on Friday regards to offers.