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Hi everyone, There was no forum for NYU BSN applicants, so I thought I'd start one. Hello, is there anybody out there? :wavey:... Read More

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    Does anyone here know if admission can be deferred? ANYONE? Thanks.
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    @ManhattanBread: I do not know for sure of you can defer or not. However, on the nursing website under "contact us" is the email address for under grad admissions. I cannot remember the woman's name but she has always been super nice and gotten back to me within a day for any questions I had. Maybe you could email her? I honestly don't remember reading anything either way about if we are allowed to defer- sorry I can't help!
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    On my acceptance letter for the Accelerated BS program, it says that you are not allowed to defer your enrollment. It's probably true for your program as well.
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    I still have not heard back either (acceptance or rejection)... I applied late though.
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    Make sure you join NYU ABSN FALL 2012 on Facebook.
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    i am in the same boat!
    good luck to us!
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    is anyone doing summer courses? i have signed up as a non matriculated student for two pre reqs.
    the text books are insanely expensive, does anyone have a more economical way to get them?
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    I was hoping to find an apartment in Queens/Harlem area. Not sure if that is what other nursing students are doing...but it seems like the cheapest route. Who should I contact about living on the nursing floor?
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    Hi dbabklyn

    How is it going? I still haven't heard anything yet. Have you? Good luck!
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    Hi Katemay

    I applied on March 1, and I still haven't heard anything! When did you apply? Have you talked to admissions?
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    I applied late February and I have still not heard anything either... i applied as a second degree student did you? I talked to admissions last Friday and they said that we should hear by the end of May???? I just am starting to lose hope because I feel like so many people have already heard
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    Yes... I also applied as a second degree student. Let's be hopeful!
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    Quote from missjj
    Hi dbabklyn

    How is it going? I still haven't heard anything yet. Have you? Good luck!
    I'm doing alright and how are you? No i haven't heard anything as of yet. All I know is that my application is being reviewed. They told me that they will release all decisions by June 1st.