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Hi everyone, There was no forum for NYU BSN applicants, so I thought I'd start one. Hello, is there anybody out there? :wavey:... Read More

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    I applied after March 1st deadline and so far no emails, I just have my albert checked off.

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    I changed the anticipated units to 16 for both semesters! I think by doing this they may update our financial aid packages later on, but I doubt it will make a difference =//
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    @shygstgurl You updated it to 16 hours on the fafsa? I don't remember it asking that but I can go back and check. It's been so long since I did it I can't remember that at all. That would be great if it would make a difference. Do you happen to know if in the summer semester they tend to offer the same amount , or less in the aid package since most people tend to take a lighter course load in the summer? I am super confused by all of this- this is my first time going through the whole process.
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    I applied March 2nd got my acceptance email last week and welcome package the very next day.
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    Hey all,
    Im still waiting for my email... i applied Feb 14th so now im getting really nervous as I hear so many getting acceptances. Im accepted into Pace so im happy about that. If i get accepted into NYU, im not sure which to choose.. does anyone have any suggestions?
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    OMG OMG OMG I got accepted this morning!!!!
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    Congrats!!! i hope to be celebrating with you soon =/
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    @shygstgurl and @ktg80 congrats on getting your financial aid package! I'm still waiting for mine. I know that NYU is notorious for giving out minimal financial aid so I definitely do not expect to get much from them. If you do not mind my asking, how much grant/scholarship money did you guys receive from NYU?
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    @Kristinebean I got no grants - because of my previous degree I suppose I didn't qualify. I got $7,500 for two semesters for scholarship money. I am grateful for getting something- but considering the cost of the program (and my EFC was 0) I was a little bummed. I also got offered a little bit for work study (which I think we will be too busy to work anywhere) and a small Stafford loan and unsubsidized loan. I am kind of freaking out because everything they offered in my aid package was not enough to cover those two semesters. So... I am kind of just a nervous wreck. Yes, I heard the same about NYU being stingy with aid.
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    I GOT IN!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And just like you guys, I am freaking out about the tuition costs...have you guys made your decisions?? My heart starts racing every time I think about taking out student loans..

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