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Hey all, i was wondering if anyone got hired at ny methodist hospital. Or maybe anyone that currently works there? What is it like? It seems very nice from the outside perspective. It would be nice to know whats it like to... Read More

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    Hi Everyone!

    I applied online at NYM for a new grad position last week 2/6/13. I volunteered at NYP/Weill Cornell and as the hospital is affiliated with NYP I am hoping this will help me.

    I am wondering how long you all had to wait before you heard back for an interview. I handed in my cover letter, resume and references in person at the HR office and also followed up today with a nurse recruiter.

    Does anyone have any guidance or advice on what else I can do to make myself the most competitive candidate for the New Grad position? I would go to the nurse managers but don't know what units are open to the new grad position.


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    Quote from ML17
    Hi guys! I know I'm late to this but how did your interviews go with the NYM managers? I took the exam and had an interview last week and we might have seen each other! Lol
    Hi ML17, I was also curious about how other applicants interviews went. Can you give me your email so we can discuss? Thanks.
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    Hi RNCA2013!

    You can just Private message me! When did you do the interview?? Unfortunately I flunked the interview.. SIgh... fail me
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    Sorry I can't PM you I don't have enough posts.

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