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Hi, all. Anyone out there familiar with New York Presbyterian's application process? I'm a new grad and applied to about 13 open positions at basically all of their sites in various departments a... Read More

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    do you think should i just show up my face at their open interview and tell them what kind of experience i have?i hate applying at this online thing.

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    I actually found NYP to have a great application process! Where else do you get a reply within 1 day? Even though I was rejected, I found it comforting to at least know I wasn't selected for an interview. Everywhere else I pretty much didn't even hear back from...
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    eaglesfnj, if you have your BSN and you weren't outright rejected, then your resume is being held for reconsideration at some point in the future, and I would encourage you to stay in touch with their recruiters. they currently have about 300 resumes set aside that made it through their filtering process (which is basically BSN vs. no BSN). if you don't have your BSN, you can safely assume that you're not being considered.
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    If you do receive an offer, or you're pretty sure that one is imminent, then I would try contacting the nurse recruiter at NYP again. you can tell her that you will be receiving or have another offer, but your goal has been a position with NYP and you don't want to miss out on the opportunity you've been waiting for if it's at all possible. maybe she can tell you something about your chances of being hired into any hospital in their network relatively soon. stress that you are willing to consider any department in any of their member hospitals and on any shift. best of luck to you!! let us know what happens. I'd love to know that at least somebody is getting hired by NYP!
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    I applied for a job in August. The HR contacted me the next day to ask me if I would be interested in a PICU night position. I told her yes and she said she would send my resume to the nurse recruiter. For about 5 weeks after, I called the HR person that originally contacted me once a week. If she didn't respond to my phone calls, I would email her and basically asked what my application status was. She answered most of the time, and would say that my application was still under review. At about 5 weeks, she asked if I would be interested in peds oncology. I said yes. In about 1 week I was contacted by another person from HR who scheduled an interview with a nurse recruiter and a nurse manager in the same day. 2 weeks later, I've gotten the job.

    It seems that it helped that I was so persistent in calling to inquire about my application status. I did feel like I was a bother but now that I got the job, I'm glad I was a bit of a bother.

    I have a BSN and 2 years of acute care experience, and one of private duty nursing. During my time working as a private duty nurse, I took all the continuing education courses that I could, and got every certification possible, even if it wasn't required, for example BLS and PALS (which are required), but also ACLS, a heme-onc certification, NRP. Some CEUs I even took at NYP, and other large hospitals. I've joined various nursing associations, get journals, and try to really keep up to date on nursing. I've taken IV and phlebotomy classes because I'm not keeping up with that experience in private duty nursing.

    During my interview I brought a packet of every form that I thought may be required for the job and more, which included my cover letter, resume, copies and originals of every certification, proof of all continuing education, even immunizations, identifications, nursing association proof- everything you could think of! I really wanted to be ready.

    The point is, I was very persistent. This whole process took about 2 months of hassling and haggling the HR department. If someone contacts you, ask for their name, number, and email, and store it! Keep calling. Eventually, you may hear something.

    Also, I'm pretty sure the hospital only accepts new hires with BSN degrees. I know it seems unfair, but a lot of hospitals are trying to set "higher standards" for themselves in order to be accredited. Hiring someone is always a risk, you never know what their personality will be like, or if their passion to be a nurse is truly what they say it is in an interview. They could be maniacs wether they have a BSN or associate degree.

    I've applied to about 50 hospitals within New York city. I got responses from a lot saying that due to the economic turndown, they wouldn't be hiring anytime in the near future. I think if you have a ADN, it would be a great help during this time to obtain your BSN. Hospitals are getting picky, and a BSN degree is something they just happen to require to set higher standards.

    Good luck to you all!
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    Did anybody apply to the New York Presbyterian Hospital Nurse Residency program for this year? And if so, when did you apply and have you heard back from them yet? Thanks in advance
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    I applied to the Nurse Residency Program for this year! and I got an email back saying I am being considered for the new graduate positions and that I should hear something in the next 2 weeks. I applied maybe a week before I received the email. I have been checking my email like crazy, and I have heard that the next step is either being put on the waitlist or continuing with the application process. im worried im going to get wait listed but I guess I'll know soon enough!
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    Really? I applied in March but haven't heard anything and others said they received a decline email so I'm so confused as to what's going on. What was your top three specialists you chose? And I don't think you'll be on the waiting list since they sent you an email that you're being considered.

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