New Grad needs info on St. Francis Hospital in LI - page 7

Hey everyone, I recently got an interview for an RN position at St. Francis Hospital in Roslyn, Long Island. I'm super excited and a little nervous since its the first interview I've gotten since... Read More

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    @sgm228 St. Francis is a Magnet certified hospital, they only hire BSN's.
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    was anyone accepted for the orientation that was supposed to start july 17th?
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    Hi ObscuredDream05

    Can you give an update on the work environment at SFH? I have an interview with them this Friday and was surprised to learn that as a Magnet Hospital, the staffing ratio is so high and the orientation so short for a new graduate. I will be interviewing for the telemetry position.
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    Hey everyone! I had an interview with St.Francis in the beginning of September. I met with the nurse recruiter and she asked me generally questions and I feel like it went well. She ended the interview by saying she "didn't know when the next orientation date was, but will contact me when she finds out." The following day I received an email for my references and had them all submitted within two days. That was three weeks ago and I have not heard anything since. I emailed her two days ago, and now I am thinking of calling her. any advice?
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    hi Nurse597 I was wondering if you have heard back from them yet or had a second interview? I am in the same boat waiting to hear from them... it is so nerve wracking ! I have my second interview on Monday sept 22.. I don't know how long it usually takes until they call you back if you did or did not get the job. ANY ideas?
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    Hey stephRN21621,
    I called the nurse recruiter and I got a call back a couple of days later asking me to come in for a second interview with the nurse manager of the unit. Its not until next week. Its awful having to wait! I honestly don't know how long it takes. Im hoping after the second interview, the process will speed up. I hope you hear good news soon! Keep me posted and I will hopefully have more of an idea after next week!
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    Hey stephRN21621, I had my second interview with the unit's nurse manager earlier this week. Any word on your end?
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    nurse597, could you provide any thoughts on St. Francis? How did it seem when you went for your interviews? How was the unit (I'm assuming it was a med/surg)? Any word on the ratios? Just wondering if anything has changed since the OP posted about it 3 years ago. I'm only a first semester BSN student, but my school has St. Francis as a clinical site, and I've been very curious about them for some time now (I work as a tech on a tele unit at another hospital, am very interested in cardiology, so naturally I've looked into St. Francis). Thanks.
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    hey nurse597, I actually got the call today for hire for the position on a med-surg telemetry unit. the process was verrrrryyyy long, and the job and orientation actually doesn't even begin until Dec. I put my online application for the job in on Aug 26, had my first interview with HR Sept 10, and my second interview with nurse managers sept 22, and just got the call today, a month later but technically about 3 weeks, 21 business days... so its just a long process. Do you know the name of the unit you interviewed on?

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