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Hi all, I am a new graduate RN and have an interview at Mount Sinai with the nurse recruiter on Wednesday. I was wondering if anyone has any tips, advise, or information on the interview process/questions asked? I'm really... Read More

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    Well hopefully they're still just backed up from having to place the people with scholarships, I know my friend said there were still like 6/15 of them waiting to get placed on a unit. Stay positive! And thanks for all your help!

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    My interview went really well! The burse receuiter asked me a few "describe a time when..." questions, then she got me an interview with the nurse manager of a rehab floor. That interview went well as well, i met a few nurses and got a tpur of the unit. I met back with the nurse recruiter to tell her how it went and she said I should be hearing back soon if I got the position. So now I just have to be positive and wait and see!Thanks again for all the helpful tips and encouragement!
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    Congrats to you guys! I was also hired recently and will be orienting this october. How are things going so far?
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    How I wish I can get an interview with Mt. Sinai. Been applying for several positions and no reply yet I think my chances are slim anyway. I only have one year of med-surg experience and worse, I only have an Associates Degree. But I am currently in an online RN to BSN program so hopefully that helps.

    A little off topic, but anyone know of any clinic/office jobs out in the city? Looking for a per diem/part time job...
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    Hey kcangel1! Any updates? I am in a similar situation. I'm a new grad and I interviewed last month with the RN recruiter at Mt. Sinai and got a second interview for the NICU. The interview went really well, but I haven't heard back yet. Now it's just a waiting game.
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    Wow, it would be nice to get a job them. I had been applying since 2006, ranging from staff accountant (I have 3 years exp) janitor, library asst, dietary aide, to RN. I have an adn with no exper so I guess that's why. But they never called me anyway so I had stopped applying to them, it was just frustrating. But it's good to hear some of you got interviews. Good luck to all of you.
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    Hi Inloves, I still haven't heard anything, it's been about 3 weeks. I've called my nurse recruiter about 3 times and still haven't gotten a call back. What recruiter did you meet with? I met with Nichole. Seemed really nice and told me that whether I got this position or not I was a "good fit for Mt Sinai" so she would find a department for me. But now I haven't heard anything sooooo not really sure if I'll ever hear back from them. My friend interviewed for an oncology position the week after I did, called that same week to follow up, and got the job by the end of the week. She had a different recruiter though.
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    Kcangel1, we should talk. I am having the same issue with the same recruiter! Email me
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    Kcangel1, it's been more than a month for me and I still haven't heard anything back. I also have the same recruiter.
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    its been almost 2 months for me! this is crazy, right? feel free to email me. we can talk, exchange, ideas, and vent to each other!!

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