Moving to NYC-Brooklyn from Tampa, FL

  1. Hi guys! I am a nursing student in my final semester of nursing school (graduate in May) and am planning on moving to Brooklyn (I currently live in Tampa, FL) because my fiance was accepted into law school up there with a pretty-hard-to-turn-down scholarship offer. I was wondering how difficult and how long of a process it would be to get liscensed up there. I know both FL and NY are not compact states. And I know NY requires certain CEUs to be liscensed. Do I have to take those before I even move and try to apply?

    Am I able to, when I apply for the NCLEX exam, put on my app that I want to be liscensed in FL AND NY? I imagine this would make it easier... I just don't want to get to NY in August and it take me months to even get liscensed up there before I start pounding the pavement looking for a position. That could be financially painful.

    Any help in getting a jump on the process would be gratefully appreciated!

    --Cassie B.
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  3. by   bebbercorn
    Hi Cassie, I moved to NY from Tampa last year. It takes about 8-10 weeks for licensure so apply asap! There are a few classes you need to take but if you go on or you can take unlimited CE's for a year, and that will likely be cheaper than buying them separately (a mistake I made). They are really easy topics. Best of luck to you and start applying early!
  4. by   SherluckyRN
    Hey..NYC will be waiting fit you but what I can tell you that you will definitely need is the required NYS Child Abuse Mandated Reporter certificate. That long with the Infection control and HIPAA certificates
  5. by   anursedad
    Hello! I am searching on topics of nurses moving to NY and have found this thread, just wanted to find out how have you been. How is NY as a workplace now. I intend to move and NY is on top of the list, coming froma small island of Guam in the pacific. Any feed back will be appreaciated