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I would like to know if anyone know of LPN classes offered in NYC. I would like to take the classes, however I have been having some difficult time locating an LPN school in NYC. Thanks in advance.... Read More

  1. by   Juliec012783
    hi do u know what are the requirements to get into the LPN program in Laguardia?? thanks xoxo
  2. by   MrsPerezLPN
    Hi everyone, I know this thread is a little old, but for any SW Boces grads who are still hanging around these threads, I have a couple of questions for you! I am scheduled to take my entrance exam next Thursday and I am looking for any advice that you may have for me. Like what to expect on the test and what scores are required in order to get accepted into the program? I'm getting extremely nervous as my test date approaches. Thank you!!
  3. by   MrsPerezLPN
    I took the test for SW boces... I feel pretty confident about how I did.. It wasn't too difficult. Now I just have to wait two weeks to find out my results. If I score above the 50th percentile (compared to a national norms group), I will get an interview. Right now all I can do is keep my fingers crossed & hope for the best.

    Anyone have any information about the program itself? What were your scores? & How was the interview? Any information would be greatly appreciated!
  4. by   StephanieP2009

    I just took my SW BOCES entrance exam on May 13th. I got my results within 1 week and am waiting to find out if I get an interview or not. I got a 61 overall, and over a 50 in 2 categories, but I got a 45 in one catergory...so I'm not sure yet if I'll definitely get an interview or not. It was completely my fault...it was the last section and I rushed through it and was the 2nd person done. I should've taken my time!

    If I don't get accepted, then I'm going to try Rockland Community College or Dutchess BOCES. I heard they both have spring starting programs.

    If I do get accepted, then I'll be in the day program.

  5. by   MrsPerezLPN
    Hi Stephanie, any word on an interview yet? I had mine on Monday.... and my scores were 54, 47, & 89. So even if you were a little below 50, you still have a shot! Please keep me posted.
  6. by   StephanieP2009

    Yep, I had my interview on Thursday and recieved my acceptance letter in the mail yesterday! Now I just need to hear back from Financial Aid. Did you find out if you got in or not?

  7. by   MrsPerezLPN
    Not yet. Wait you had your interview last Thursday (June 10th?) and got an acceptance letter two days later? I didn't get one yet and I had my interview on Monday, June 7th!! So now I'm nervous thinking that I didn't get accepted!
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  8. by   StephanieP2009
    Hey, email me at StephanieR1687@yahoo.com It won't let me respond to your messages on here!

  9. by   MrsPerezLPN
    Okay, Thanks! Just sent u an email
  10. by   scrubs09
    Please email me, I was interested in the school u went to. I have questions, and I know its late but I hope u passed
  11. by   NVega
    Does anyone know about monroe college in the bronx? Im interested in their LPN program. Is it hard to get into their LPN program?
  12. by   tryn2makeit
    Adding info to this thread in case it's of interest to anyone. VEEB in Uniondale, Long Island (NY) has testing open for their September 2018 LPN class. Tests are scheduled for the month of April 2018. Please see website for further information. FYI, for anyone who may still be interested in attending an accelerated LPN school.