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I would like to know if anyone know of LPN classes offerred in NYC. I would like to take the classes, however I have been having some difficult time locating an LPN school in NYC. Thanks in advance... Read More

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    Can anyone tell me which LPN and ASN programs accept applications for spring of 2009 in NY (preferably the 5 boroughs or Long Island?? Most of the places that I've called said that their programs admit students once/year for the fall only I want to get started asap.

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    The only one I can think of is Rockland Community College. It's off exist 14B of thruway 87. So I don't know if you are willing to travel that far. I know some people communite from bklyn.
    They have open enrollment so you might want to give them a call & find out. In the mean time you can always take some preq in the fall.
    Hope this help.
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    Hey guys. I'm new to this site. My friend and I are looking for a school that has prep classes for the entrence exam for the LPN courses. Anyone knows of any school in NY?
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    The BOCES in westchester offer prep course & I believe some of the community college in the nyc might of them too.
    You just have to check it out.
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    I knew about this program. So, you are saying the CNET exam is unnecessary?
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    Depending on where you go. It can be the CNET, TEAS or other that it's require for admissions.
    CNET test only english (reading & spelling) & math. TEAS test you on english, math & science.
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    Where can I find a LPN school in Westchester/Rockland county or the bronx
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    Southern Westchester BOCES & there's a BOCES in Rockland county.
    Bronx: Bronx Community College & Hostos Community College
    Hope that helps.
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    Does anyone know where I can take inexpensive or free CNA classes in the NY area?
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    I don't know of any CNA class offer for cheap or free. But I notice that some of the nursing home offer training for CNA but not sure what you have to do.
    If you are in the city & doing CNA training. You can call Isabella nursing home.
    I'm not sure who the contact person is there but I'm sure they can direct you to the right person if you are interest in doing CNA.
    Good luck.
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