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Lenox Hill Hospital - New Grad RN

  1. 0 hi all,

    does anyone have any recent information regarding lenox hill hospital, nyc (upper east side)? if anyone has been through the hiring process recently, since north shore lij acquired lenox hill, could you please shed some light as to how the interviewing process, the orientation, working on the floor, staff, etc., is like?

    many thanks in advance!
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    Hey Mehr!

    Did you get a call back from HR?
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    yes! did you interview recently?
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    My interview is in September so nervous... A friend of mine have been applying but have not yet landed an interview. Do you have previous nursing experience?
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    I was wondering how did you both go about applying? Did you just submit your application online or did you go in person? I have been applying there like crazy and have not heard a beep. Thank you!
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    I applied online to a few openings and received a call-back for an interview.

    Other than that, does anyone have recent information regarding the working environment at Lenox Hill Hospital? Most of the information on allnurses is "outdated". From my understanding, many things have changed since North Shore-LIJ acquired Lenox. And I'm curious to hear what it is like there currently.
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    I really want to work in the city and was wondering about Lenox. Are you part of the internship program or did you apply to listings? Do you have a BSN?
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    I applied to a listing. And yes, I have a BSN with non-clinical health related experience/background.
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    i am a new grad and began working in LHH six months ago. I really love the environment and had a great orientation process. There is a lot of support from senior nurses as well as nurse educators. There have been a lot of changes even since I began working which is a short time. NSLIJ is making a lot of improvements in terms of technology (we are getting new beds and IV pumps hospital wide which will improve patient safety and care). It can get a bit overwhelming with all the changes but they are all great advancements!
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    Thanks so much for replying to this post and providing some insight. I appreciate the information greatly!
    I'm currently waiting for Lenox Hill's decision. Do you remember how long you had to wait after your interview with the Nurse Manager etc.,?
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    i think it was about a week... i think... i really don't remember. what unit did you interview for?
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    Its a critical care unit. I'd rather not get specific. I guess I'm going to wait about a week to call back.. However, LHH has been professional and great about working in a timely fashion in regards to moving the process along, so hopefully I will hear from them soon. In the meantime I'm keeping my fingers crossed! :spin: !!
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    Mehr, what happened with Methodist? I thought that you were going there.