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  1. What unit you going to be working on?
  2. I am so sorry you are going through such a frustrating time. I totally went through it too. You have to be persistent keep on pushing. WRite thank you notes constantly, keep on following up. Let them know of your flexibility, even if it is a part time position to start with. Be open minded! you will get there! I am sure of it! BSN is major!!! get certified in ACLS and other certifications. Anything that interests you. keep updating your resume! Good Luck!!!!:smokin:
  3. No problem. I am actually starting with orientation tomorrow. I am a new grad with an ADN but almost completed my BSN (graduating in May). I am going to be working the night shift. There is a 6,000 dollar differential for nights and as soon as I graduate you get an additional 1500 dollars a year.
  4. I am actually a new grad and I am starting to work tomorrow at Lenox Hill. The starting salary for the day shift is 73 thousand.
  5. Hi I am interviewing in lenox hill this week and I was wondering if you can tell me what your interview was like? I am a new grad and really need a job! can you please advise? thanks!