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Wanted to know if anyone has had any experience with the Kings County pharmacology exam, I need to take it and I have not a clue what is on it. Is it mainly math related which I hope, how many... Read More

  1. by   Each1Teach1
    Hey! I called the hospital and got their fax number so I could fax them my resume. I also applied online and mailed a resume. Heard they're hiring now. I'm concerned about the exam
  2. by   pkt00
    K thx.
  3. by   Radiant91
    Hello Each1Teach1 do you have your ASN or BSN. I am curious because I currently have my ASN and I am enrolled in BSN program set to grauduate next spring. Do you know if KCH only hires BSN? Thank you.

    Also, I hope you get a call back.
  4. by   Each1Teach1
    Hi Radiant91. I just obtained my BSN last October. I know two of my former classmates from my ASN program who got jobs at KCH last year and aren't enrolled in any BSN programs. I only see head nurse jobs on their site but try mailing them your resume, including your BSN expected graduation date. Perhaps, you can also send them an email. nurserecruit.kings (without the space). All the best!
  5. by   estrellaCR
    The pharmacology exam was the most challenging I have taken: everything from Med side effects, Med administration via all routes, IV specifics, and TPN. In terms of applying, they consider BSN only. My interviewer stressed that during phone interview and in person also. As for ASN, if you already work at Kings County and are enrolled in RN to BSN program or if you have RN work experience it may work but otherwise most departments consider BSN only as per what I was told.
  6. by   Each1Teach1
    Hi estrellaCR. What department of nursing were you taking the exam for? Mine was for psych. I took the exam late January.
  7. by   estrellaCR
    Hi Each1Teach1, my interview/exam were for medical unit late January. I passed it. Did you hear back on a hiring decision?
    The passing score is a 90$ (45 out of 50 questions right) and it is the most challenging exam by an NYC hospital that I know of. Exam wasnt overly hard but you cant just rush through it like at other hospital where the exams is very easy.
  8. by   Each1Teach1
    Oh, thanks. I had to chase down the person who interviewed me. It was such a run around. I kept getting disconnected or voice mail. Finally, the interviewer calls me back saying, 'Um, no. You didn't pass'. I asked her my grade and she wouldn't tell me. I asked her if I could re-take the exam (because she offered 2 chances in the first place), she says 'Um well, I'm looking for someone with more experience'. ARE YOU SERIOUS? EstrellaCR, I was so heartbroken because she had led me to believe that I was going to get a job and I had foolishly stopped applying elsewhere because of this.
    I saw that KCH posted like 10 jobs but most of them require experience. I'm still going to give them a try. I have so many loans and I need something stable. I don't know what to do.
  9. by   estrellaCR
    Hi. I took mine twice (the first time i had 86% 43/50). The interviewer said I could take it again and I got over 90% then. I called her and she said ok but I have to be very serious about the position as they do not take on many new grads b/c they look for someone who is going to leave them after a little while, as most new grads do to their first job after getting a year of experience and that training new grads costs a lot of $ and staff resources. I assured her that I hope to stay on for several years as this medical dept is my top interested in nursing. The NM.Interviewer said sounds good, and wait for HR to call you next. However, I am not getting my hopes up as I had 3 other interviewes at 3 other hospitals where I did well in, had great resume, job experience (4 yrs non-nursing health job and currently 9 month of nursing exp at an outpatient clinic) and several relevant ceritfications EKG, IV, ACLS, I did not get the job. It was upsetting as the interviewers at each one made me think they would hire me just by them acting so happy to have me there and so impressed with my qualifications.
    I suggest you look at non hospital jobs just to get some experience and get to use some of your nursing skills. Look on , , as well as your nyc craigslist and . There are RN positions at social service agencies such as substance abuse treatment programs, elder day care, foster care agencies, outpatient clinics, etc that hire new grads (the posts may state 2 yrs exp required but apply anyway, as me and several people I know got our first RN jobs outside the hospital with community agencies).
  10. by   Each1Teach1
    With the exception of, I've been checking those other sites multiple times per day. I'll give this one a try. That's awesome that you have those certificates. I only have BLS. I've been searching for the best IV program. Any suggestions? I've been looking at CPR123 in Manhattan. It's $225. I live in Brooklyn. I hope you get the KCH job. You deserve it! And thanks for all this info! I appreciate it!!
  11. by   estrellaCR
    Thank you, Each1Teach1. If your interest is in Psych try a Substance Use Treatment Program, as most of the clients with substance abuse problems have also other Psych diagnosis. You get to do physical assessment, deal with meds, talk to the clients, etc and it is slower paced than a hospital. If you interested in Med Surg, an elder care program or a Residential Facility for Developmental Disabled is a good match as you would also be dealing with medical issues in adults with Developmental Disabilities/Mental Retardation. For Peds, try foster care or child care agencies. For Peds Psych, Residential homes for children often connected to a foster care agency. THe kids here have a lot of psych trauma and receive their treatment at residential facility. There are a lot of opportunities for RNs outside the hospital and they provide good experience.As for IV class, I had all my certifications at CPR123 and they have good teachers.
  12. by   Each1Teach1
    Thank you so much, estrellaCR! You're the best!! You've given me a fresh outlook. I'll definitely look into those places. Let me know how the KCH thing goes!! All the best!!!
  13. by   ECRN143
    Quote from bear1234
    Ok. Apparently I cannot reply to private message either. If you google "nursing pharmacology test questions", on the first page of the search, one of the links will have questions that will help you. Again, this is only for one of the exams so don't rely on just that because you may get the other. But these questions will help you out more than you expect (hint).
    Hi Bear,

    Does the study guide you say to google have exactly 60 questions? I would really like to narrow it down as much as I can... I am taking the exam very soon and am very nervous. These exams seem harder than the NCLEX to me.