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Wanted to know if anyone has had any experience with the Kings County pharmacology exam, I need to take it and I have not a clue what is on it. Is it mainly math related which I hope, how many... Read More

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    How did you get the job interview? Was the an open house recently or are you also enrolled in an NP program?

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    Whats the best way of applying to Kings County? online or in person?
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    Been trying to apply at some HHC hospitals. A friend had suggested to learn the pharm exam. I also googled nursing pharm exam but google comes out with so many different ones. Any help? thanks!
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    Hey everyone....I know this is an old thread but I just wanted to find out more info about the pharm exam any help will be greatly appreciated idk how to pm but my email address is Thanx!
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    Hi!!! I know this thread is super late, but I'll be taking this exam sometime next week. Could you give me an idea of how to study for it? There's way too much info to cram Thanks!
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    Each1teach1. If you don't mind answering are you an LPN or RN ? How how did you get an interview ?
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    Hey! I called the hospital and got their fax number so I could fax them my resume. I also applied online and mailed a resume. Heard they're hiring now. I'm concerned about the exam
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    K thx.
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    Hello Each1Teach1 do you have your ASN or BSN. I am curious because I currently have my ASN and I am enrolled in BSN program set to grauduate next spring. Do you know if KCH only hires BSN? Thank you.

    Also, I hope you get a call back.
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    Hi Radiant91. I just obtained my BSN last October. I know two of my former classmates from my ASN program who got jobs at KCH last year and aren't enrolled in any BSN programs. I only see head nurse jobs on their site but try mailing them your resume, including your BSN expected graduation date. Perhaps, you can also send them an email. nurserecruit.kings (without the space). All the best!

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