Hunter College GPA and NLN exam scores

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    Hello everyone. I'm new to I just wanted to know, for the people in Hunter's nursing program, can you please share your GPA and NLN scores for a guideline to compare what scores are expected to be admitted. Currently, my GPA is a 3.6 and I will be taking the NLN towards the end of January. I'm aiming for a 148-150 on the NLN. Share your scores please.

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    GPA 3.4, NLN 145.... I have no idea how Hunter will choose but I do know it is a ranking system with 50/50 GPA and NLN.
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    Are you guys applying for generic or accelerated?

    I am applying to accelerated and have a 3.45 GPA (not yet calculated by NursingCas) and taking the NLN at end of the month. Hoping for a 145 or better but this physics is killing me!
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    I have applied to the traditional generic pathway. Good luck on your exam!
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    I spoke to people from the accelerated program and many have scored 150 -160. Also, many have GPA of 3.6 and higher.
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    Yeah... I'm hoping the applicant pool will be smaller this year since they added Genetics and Nutrition as Pre-reqs late last fall and my GPA will be good enough. Fingers crossed!
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    Hunter-Bellevue is the only CUNY undergraduate and IIRC ABSN program in Manhttan, thus the applicant pool for both has been and probably will be vastly more than available open slots. Don't see things changing that much unless or until some of the private programs like Pace or NYU drop their tuition near or below CUNY's.

    Of course there could suddenly be a huge drop off in those interested in becoming RNs, but even back in the "bad old days" of the 1980's when programs were closing left and right HB was still hard to get into.
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    Hi DoGoodThenGo-

    Thanks for your insight - it's always interesting to hear other perspectives. Out of curiosity, you really don't think the introduction of two new pre-req's late last fall would reduce the applicant pool for this coming fall?
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    Hunter's Accelerated Nursing Program only has 30 seats and 15 of which go to in state residents and 15 seats go to out of state residents. Super competitive. This program is basically open to the entire nation whereas the generic program is much more limited but with the new program generic program, it would open the application pool to more people especially college grads and career changers.
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    That's a stat I haven't heard before - where did you get the info about in vs. out of state? The Hunter site doesn't have much in the way of program/application/acceptance statistics...

    I think everyone is aware that its an extremely competitive program, but per previous threads, if you ace the NLN and have a decent GPA, there's a chance you'll be accepted. And with the addition of two pre-reqs late last fall, I imagine the applicant pool will be slightly smaller for fall 2013, but definitely still full of top-tier hopefuls.

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