How long after passing NCLEX did your license # appear on the NYS BON site?

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    Good night ladies and gentlemen,

    I took my NCLEX exam today. I walked out of the center feeling like a failure , but after reading the forums, I decided to try the Pearsonvue Trick (PVT). I got the "good" pop up. Since this isn't 100%, I will pay to view my Quick Results when it is available. My question is, how long after passing the NCLEX did your license # appear on the NYS BON website? To me, this is the only REAL confirmation of a passing score .
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    5 days, and received it in the mail on the 6th...

    Pearson trick works !

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    Thank You very much for the info... I will know for sure tomorrow Keeping my fingers crossed
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    Did you pass, Tigerlily?
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    Seven agonizing days! I took the test on a Tues, my friend the following Thurs. Her license posted on a Monday, 4 days after the exam, while mine posted the next day on Tues. Go figure!
    We tested at the same testing center too.
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    Dont wory about failure. I do not know a single nurse who passed and walked out of there not feeling like they failed me included. I thought for sure I failed I even went so far as to get my old CNA job back. I was so happy to hear I pased.
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    Thank you every1. I paid to see my grade on Friday and learned that I PASSED!!! YAY . Thank You for your support and encouragement. Yesterday, my license number appeared on the website also. I can't wait for my interview this month. I hope all goes well and I am working by May. Pray for me please. Thank You all. :bowingpur
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    I am so happy for you. I am sure you will not have trouble finding a nursing job.w. What are you doing now? please elt me know haw you make out.
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    Thank You "gmkj". Right now, I am just preparing myself for the interview. I have to be prepared for ANY question that I may be presented with, and that has me worried. I hate being placed in the "hot seat" (interviewing & public speaking). I am a shy individual . If the interview is successful, I will have to take a pharmacology exam. I've decided to get a head start by studying for the pharm exam before hand.
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    Are you talking about an exam for your employer. If so I would not worry they are usually very easy and sometimes they even give them to you to take home to do.

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