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Hi Everyone! I have a dilemma and don't know what to do. I am currently working at a psych hospital which is 2 hours away from home, part time and I'm miserable here. I live in the city and making... Read More

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    I was going to take the clinic job but spoke with a few experienced nurses and hiring managers and they told me to not take the position because it looks bad to jump from job to job. So, I will hold out until I get a hospital job. Working 3 days compared to 5 is better and more ideal for me and my family. I've realized that I've been unrealistic with work. I wanted to work only days and close to home and I now know that is not realistic with this job market and with my goal which is to work in the ICU or ED. Sacrifices, sacrifices, sacrifices! Thank you so much for your replies! It means a lot
    I am very close to your situation, had my RN licence in November but no job till now in GTA , got an offer but that's 2hours drive & I don't drive that means I will have to come home weekly ..,. Should I go for it or wait.. In Dilemma... Pay is good & it's full time job in a Nursing home .. Pls advise
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    You made a good call. I chose clinic work when I graduated 20 years ago for many reasons, but realistically once you do that hospitals will not even consider you. I did manage to parlay it into a great gig, but it can be very hard to do that.
    Thank you for your response! It was such a hard decision to make but ideally I want a job in a hospital. I hate the job I'm at right now because the distance and the work I do. I want to learn especially since I'm a new grad. I've recently had interviews with nurse recruiters but haven't met with any nurse managers as of yet. It's taking a lot of patients to wait for something but I'm trying and taking it day by day. Any advice? I'm assuming you're a seasoned nurse since you graduated 20 years ago. Thanks again for your post!
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    I always stayed outpatient. I just think the sooner you can get in a hospital the better. Networking is key.