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ED RN Fellowship-Winthrop University Hospital

  1. 0 Hi All!

    Is there anyone here that has applied and gotten called for an interview for the ED program at Winthrop University Hospital? What type of questions were asked? Did you have to do at least 2 series of interviews?

    How was the orientation, did you feel it met your needs as a new grad? How is it working at the hospital?

    From what I can recall Winthrop rotates you throughout all of their dept's then you are placed in the ED.

    I was called for an interview. I'm nervous and excited all at once.
    Thanks in advance guys!
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    Hey I just applied for the fellowship and received an email to call and set up an interview. Do you know more about the fellowship though? How much does it pay and how long is it?
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    Actually I went there with the intention that I'm going for this specific program and told the receptionist that, but instead the interview didnt go that way at all. And now I think I'm going to end up in something different. I dont think the nurse recruiter was aware I was even coming in for the ED nurse fellowship program. It's all good though, because the interview went well, I just need an interview with the manager.

    So wait, you just applied online and got a response that quickly!

    Wow, I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I have to constantly bug people to get an interview. Well, good luck, sorry I have no answers.
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    How did you apply to the program? online? Applying personally?
    I really want to go in it...
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    I just wanted to ask how the interview process was like? What kind of questions they asked? Thanks!
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    I just had an interview for a position in the ed fellowship. the recruiter was very nice, and made me feel comfortable - no crazy qs or anything. Did anyone else interview yet for it? How did they go?
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    I've been hoping and waiting for an interview and haven't heard anything? Were you offered the position?
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    Hi kadie 9525, I haven't heard anything either...
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    How do you apply for the fellowship? Do you need to have your BSN? I am going for my BSN. I have been trying to figure it out with no luck. Any help appreciated :-)
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    I'm interested to know how to apply as well. I don't see anything posted on the website.
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    I spoke with Human Resources and they said they are no longer doing the fellowship and will be removing it from the site.