Does anyone know of Nursing MSN programs for people with BA/BS in other fields? Does anyone know of Nursing MSN programs for people with BA/BS in other fields? | allnurses

Does anyone know of Nursing MSN programs for people with BA/BS in other fields?

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    I am in the process of changing careers to nursing, but with so many options it could get a little confusing . First and foremost, I live in NYC a very expensive city but I love New York! Anyhow, I have been working as an optician for 15 years and have a BA in education. I would like to do the accelerated program which will get me a BSN at one of the private schools (since CUNY is almost impossible to get into) but they are so expensive . My goal is to become an RN and get my master's. I would ultimately like to work as an NP. If I could go straight into the MSN program it would be ideal. Does anyone know of MSN programs either online or on campus for people who have BA's in other fields? Please advice
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    I live in California and there are a ton of these types of programs... they are called direct entry masters programs. If you PM me I am actually starting in one of these programs in the fall so I know a lot of info (the good and the bad) about them! Sorry I am not familiar with NY's nursing programs.

    The one I am going into sounds perfect for you when you are done 36 months... it allows you to practice as a NP
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    That sounds super! I will PM... thanks
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    Rutgers in New Jersey has it, it's on campus.
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    Okay, that's close to me too. Thanks, will check it out.
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    SUNY Downstate
    Columbia University (You need a good GRE scrore)
    Dominican College

    There are others. You just need to look around. Do keep in mind that most of their deadlines for the fall semester has already passed so you will need to wait a year anyways and you need to check their pre-reqs
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    List of direct-entry and accelerated BSN programs. Rutgers is close to you but has major overcrowding problems last I heard. Columbia is in NYC ... you have lots of options. Good luck !
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    I always thought you needed to be an RN first, as a BSN, ASN, or diploma, but I guess I was mistaken.
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    The University of Minnesota has this program.
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    I believe that the University of Rochester has a direct entry MSN program (CNL). I graduated from the University of New Hampshire from their direct entry MSN (also CNL) program. UMass has one too for advanced practice.
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    In the 'students' section there is a forum on graduate nursing. There are many threads that relate to this topic there. In your area there are many direct entry masters programs. All are competitive and many are expensive.

    But don't let competitiveness or cost dissuade you from looking and applying. The only program you have no chance of getting in to is the one you do not apply to.
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    Thank you very much everyone
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    Rochester. I live in Alabama and have applied to UAB, but Rochester is one of my backups! Both of these schools have the program you're looking for. Google direct entry master's in nursing and you'll find alot. The only problem is they're hard to find, and they all have such different requirements so it's hard to qualify for them all. But I've found alot in California, Atlanta at Emory, Tennessee at Vandy, Alabama at UAB and USA, and several more. They're out there, just gotta look!