CUNY Hunter Generic Pathway Fall 2013 - page 6

Hello all, I was wondering if anyone else on here applied for the 2013 Hunter generic nursing program. For those of you applying to the traditional generic program how do you feel about the seats... Read More

  1. by   :)555
    I got in New Generic program
  2. by   kamina
    Woo hoo got in. Traditional Generic program!
  3. by   Whatawaste
    Wow, I guess you were right perks I got into the accelerated program!
  4. by   Hopefulnurse12345
    got in traditional program!
  5. by   lilangel6828
    yay i got in! traditional generic program
  6. by   eca2493
    Congrats whatawaste. I got into accelerated too! See you June 14th!
  7. by   silvery21c
    Got in Traditional Generic program
  8. by   meredithserbanica
    me too!
  9. by   Whatawaste
    Same to you eca! Can't wait to get started....but for now, back to studying.. :-/
  10. by   izabet
    Got in to the New Generic! Anybody else?

    (for those who are applying next year and trying to get an idea of admission requirements, I had a 3.8 and 151)
  11. by   izabet
    Hey 555 - ME TOOOO!!! See you June 14th.
  12. by   fpnyc
    i'm in too! congrats everyone
  13. by   pandora22
    I got in too!! Congratulations everyone, see you next semester .