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Hi All, I just sent off my application for Accelerated Nursing program at Concordia College for the fall of 2013. I'm really excited and nervous. I saw the thread for the fall 2012 was quite active and a few would-be 2013... Read More

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    Hey All,
    I decided to go through my pile of mail, and I had an acceptance letter. I am soooooo excited. I'm happy the suspense is over but even more overjoyed that I'll be starting nursing school soon. I am so ready to start this journey. I wish all of you guys still waiting good luck!!!

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    Congrats . See you in the fall ( or at one of the orientations in June if previous year's threads still hold true)
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    Hey guys- I picked up my acceptance letter and ***** advised me that once we send our deposits in we will receive the info regarding orientation start dates etc. there is orientation in June and I think he said a few days o orientation type stuff right before we start in late August.
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    Thanks AccelBSN12 I look forward to meeting everyone. What is everyone planning on doing about work? My thoughts are to drop to per diem and work maybe 2 shifts per week. I'm anticipating spending a lot of time studying and know it won't leave many free hours. I am nervous though because my bills and living expenses aren't going anywhere.
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    Good Luck to you all in school!
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    @FutureCPN- They highly suggest not working but I am having the same am I going to pay for my car to get to class?!
    I can't take out any private loans...
    What can of work do you do that you can reduce your hours? Is it something in the hospitality business? I am thinking I may have to pick up some waitressing or bartending. let me know! thanks.
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    @lahhere I work in a hospital. I don't want to just quit my job because ideally after I get my degree I would like to work there. I did my prereqs while working full time and it was very difficult. I know I won't be able to work full time and do an accelerated program. I guess I have a few months to figure it all out.
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    Hey for everyone who still hasn't heard. I just emailed admissions and he responded:files have been given back to me and we will be sending decisions out the end of this week and next week.
    So if you haven't heard yet don't despair!
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    I got my letter today. WOOO HOO!! I'm in too
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    Congrats Ginamarie119!! So excited for you!
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