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Hi All, I just sent off my application for Accelerated Nursing program at Concordia College for the fall of 2013. I'm really excited and nervous. I saw the thread for the fall 2012 was quite... Read More

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    No problem. If I were in your shoes I would be stalking the mailbox.... Let me stop, I just had my interview Monday and I am stalking it already...

    I am not even thinking that I am not going to get in ..kinda crazy but I am sending the positive energy out there. This is the only school that I sent out a complete application out for. I hope to get the answer I am seeking.

    Just think positive!!

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    Hi, I know how you feel now. I was like you. Mine took more than 14 days. I think it took 16-17 days for me to get the letter. Just relax and believe you will get in the program. You will get it soon. Good luck
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    You are so funny AccelBSN12!! I was there Monday as well and found myself stalking the mailbox today too.... KNOWING that it was way too early. Lahhere, I am sure all is well, the waiting game just really stinks. I am with everyone else though, positive thoughts are the key. I am SURE we'll all be joking about this in the fall

    For what it's worth... I was there Mon from 1230-3ish. Including myself, there were four of us. Don't know if that helps but, that was my experience.
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    @accelbsn- hysterical about stalking the mailbox already. made me laugh!

    @seong- that's reassuring to see that you didnt get yours within the 14 day deadline that i am obsessing over lol.

    @GinaMarie- you're so right about the positive thoughts!

    i'll let you guys know when i hear- you guys do the same!
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    Hey everyone!
    Glad to see this thread is thriving since I started it in November. I interviewed on March 11th and now I'm anxiously awaiting the news and stalking my mailbox too! I feel very positive and I hope I hear some good news soon. Hope to talk to you (and see you) all soon!
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    I just found out I've been asked to do an interview, but I have a question about what to wear. Did you all dress formally like it was a job interview? I've never done a college interview before. I want to be dressed appropriately, but neither under or over dressed. Any thoughts?
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    [FONT=lucida grande]Hey Justabit off,

    Prior to my interview I emailed a friend that is an admission's director at another college and pumped her for info. This is what she said...

    "For the interview I wouldn't were a suit, I would be a bit more casual- slacks and nice top....if you want, wear a blazer. If this is an interview with the admissions office, it most likely will not be that in depth. Even if its with the department chair I still do not think it will go too in depth. I would go to the school website and review Concordia's program and degree requirements. I would also just be aware of your transcript in case they ask about your past coursework. A big question will be why nursing? Maybe a why now nursing? Is there a particular division of nursing that has caught your interest. So maybe review different areas of field and pick a few that strike your interest......"

    This advice served me well. I did a step above business casual, but not to formal. I wore a sweater set, and dark grey dress pants. I dressed it up a little more with a nice necklace. I felt comfortable and appropriately dressed. I interviewed with ****. She was super nice. It was really comfortable, more like a chat than a formal interview. Others that were waiting, interviewed with *****. I am assuming that they had a similar experience, she also seemed very nice. After the interview, I went to a conference room to do the writing sample. Like the others have said, it's not difficult but it was longer than I anticipated. Plan on a 1/2hr interview and then an hour to 1 1/2 hours for the writing sample. They gave you an article to read from a nursing journal and then outlined the info that they wanted you to write about. It wasn't hard at all, just time consuming. Like I said, I interviewed first but others were doing it in the reverse.

    Good luck!! Soon, you will be a crazed lunatic racing to the mailbox everyday like we are. Have fun and just be yourself.
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    Is there anything that you wish you had done to prepare yourself better academically prior to starting school? I have the general idea... save some money, teach my husband to do the laundry, get organized, relax with the family yada yada yada... but is there anything else?

    Any book suggestions anyone?
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    Business casual is fine.
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    I would recommend How To Succeed In Nursing School by Caroline Porter Thomas. It is a nice book to read. However, I am spending most of my time reading fun books and other things I have wanted catch up on. I will not have time to do it come Fall. Plus I am trying to lose weight.... Basically a mix of things. Also getting my CNA license. I took the class last year but never took the exam. Once June/July hits I will start to go over my AP.
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