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Hi All, I just sent off my application for Accelerated Nursing program at Concordia College for the fall of 2013. I'm really excited and nervous. I saw the thread for the fall 2012 was quite... Read More

  1. by   Ginamarie119
    I did. We went back and forth a few times. I would think that you could still send a note. It will show your interest. Good luck!
  2. by   lahhere
    has anyone heard yet? anxious! a lot of ppl that interviewed sooner, got decisions within 2-3 weeks. i interviewed on feb i said above, ruth told me that the dean was on vacation and letters should go out april 1st. lol
  3. by   Justabitoff
    I interviewed last Wednesday. The secretary said two weeks, but ******* said a month... so I'm guess sometime in April then!
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  4. by   lahhere
    im kind of upset i didnt get to meet the dean... always good to show face in front of the person that will be making the decision. oh well.

    "worrying is like praying for the things you dont want" !
  5. by   amethyst925
    Hi! I applied to the Fall 2013 program right around the deadline of March 15th. I haven't heard anything yet about an interview. Can someone let me know whether this most likely means I was rejected? Do you normally get a rejection letter? Do they interview everyone? I tried calling, but all they said was "we have all your materials." Thanks in advance!
  6. by   AccelCNL
    Hi amethyst,

    From what I understand not everyone gets an interview. However, I do not know how many applicants there were but I do know that the administration is seeking for a class somewhere between 60-70. Also it is rolling admissions so sometimes earlier is better. I know I read on last year's thread that one of the accepted applicants had applied for the 2011-12 cohort but the class was filled by the time they received the application. Her application was deferred for the next year and she got in.

    I say just give it a week or two and you should get your interview invite.
  7. by   Justabitoff
    ******, the admissions counselor, said that not everyone gets an interview, but he said they also do it in order of the most pre-reqs done. So if you still have some in progress, that might be why. Also, I sent mine in on Jan. 3 and I didn't get asked for an interview until mid-March. So if you just sent yours in, they might just not have gotten around to it. But ****** did say that they continue to accept students until they have a full cohort.

    However, I was told by ******* that they were looking to accept 40 students, not 60-70. Interesting that you write that, AccelBSN12. I wonder who is right?
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  8. by   AccelCNL
    The professor who interviewed me told me that. She said that the program will never have above 60-70 students because they want to keep the cozy familial feeling. I was told that when I interviewed 3/11. I just have to go by what I was told. Frankly, I do not care about the size I just hope I will be able to be part of the upcoming class....fingers crossed
  9. by   RachPapp
    Our beginning size for cohort 5 was 60
  10. by   Justabitoff
    I was told 40 accelerated and 10-20 regular nursing students. Who knows? Hopefully it's bigger so our chances of getting in are better!
  11. by   RachPapp
    Quote from Justabitoff
    I was told 40 accelerated and 10-20 regular nursing students. Who knows? Hopefully it's bigger so our chances of getting in are better!
    Yes you're right. I just think of them as part of us but the 60 weren't all accepted ABSN students. Some were traditional and some were even people from the previous cohort that decelerated.
  12. by   KatyCar
    Hello cohort #6 ! Congrats to all those who have been accepted, and for those still waiting, I hope you hear soon!

    I was just thinking of where I was 1 year ago and can't believe it! I had my interview around March 17th and heard back in less than a week, everything happened pretty quickly for me since I had thought the deadline was April 1 only to find out it was rolling so I quickly applied in the beginning of March. I ended up not applying anywhere else. I was very happy with Concordia and their pass rate says a lot, so I saved my $ in application fees! I am sure now I made the right choice.

    I'm so glad my classmate RachPapp has been on here answering many of your questions! Like she said, this site was SO helpful last year, and I was able to "meet" some fellow classmates. It was a hard decission to make, leaving a full time job and going back to school, but I have no regrets! (most days!)

    I should be studying for finals right now, but wanted to take a minute to say HI! I'm sure we'll see many of you very soon!

    Keep posting questions and next week when we have a break I'm sure we'll be able to answer more of them! I'll try to think of things that I wish I had known.. and get back to you all.
  13. by   AccelCNL
    Thanks Katy. Right now I am on pins and needles I only really want to attend Concordia. I just sent out my complete application to CMSV but that was because the app was free. I am planning on attending Concordia ( *faith ).

    When I get in I will glady PM both you and RachPapp with more questions.

    I wish you a successful semester.