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The thread here for the Columbia University ETP program for entry in 2012 is pretty long (45 pages right now!), so I was hoping to elicit some of the same responses for those who are applying in... Read More

  1. by   PNPhopeful
    It's the home stretch, guys! Good luck to everyone!!
  2. by   nyRN189
    Hey so I have a quick question. On the application checklist online, it says there's a limit of 500 words for the essay. Most of the other places on the Columbia site it just says the 2 page limit.

    To find it, log on, go to your application, click "application instructions" on the left side, the go to the square "instruction pages" on the right side. Click on the 4th link "Admission check list".

    Any ideas??
  3. by   hollysf
    Hmm, I am interested in this as well. I am following the prompt that is listed under the essay portion of the application. It reads 2 pages, double spaced, blah blah blah.Conveniently, my essay came out to just about 500 words. I wonder which is right!
  4. by   PNPhopeful
    I'm following the 2 page limit. I don't know how I'd be able to answer everything in 500 words lol
    Quick question...In the section where we're supposed to enter our awards along with a description, did anyone else notice that it cuts you off after a certain number of characters? I can't even include the full name of the award Any help is much appreciated!
  5. by   ARickli
    We're down to a week!!!

    I'm waiting to have 2 recommendation letters in hand--- they are traveling here by FedEx, so I should have them soon!!!

    Should I start the online portion of the application even without them? I was originally going to wait until I had absolutely everything together and then finish and mail all in the same day; did anyone else start the online section without their letters/transcripts?

    How long has it taken people to finish the online portion of the application? I have to plan this when my kids are taking naps, otherwise I need to work on it at night once they've gone to bed.


    Best of luck to all the applicants!!
  6. by   PNPhopeful
    Yes, absolutely complete the online portion! You can actually save and go back to it so it doesn't have to be done in one sitting. To complete everything from start to finish (considering you have your personal statement and resume ready to upload) shouldn't take more than one hour.
  7. by   ARickli
    @PNP, thanks!! You were right- it didn't take long at all! Finished everything last night, and sent all my transcripts and letters of recommendation by FedEx this morning!!! It's out of my hands now...

    I'm so incredibly excited!!! This has been the culmination of over two years' hard work. I feel good- I've done my best, tried my hardest, and whatever will be, will be.

    Best of luck to all the applicants! Please be sure to check in here from time to time as we all eagerly wait until February to hear the decisions!!!

    What will you all do in the meantime while we wait????
  8. by   nyRN189
    hey, im curious to get all of your opinion. i came across a thread on the site which talks about NPs that go through programs such as the etp program having a tough time finding jobs as an np due to the lack of nursing experience. (its a few years old so it might not be as applicable) but i didnt really give much thought to that before i saw the discussion,

    here's the link if youd like to check it out
    any thoughts?
  9. by   RVLy
    Hey nymalu

    I just found this thread! I applied to the Columbia ETP program and in the process of applying to other schools as well. I've spoken to a lot of NPs and there are different views. Basically people say that NP's that enter as a direct entry may have a hard time if their program is not CLINICALLY based. It's also dependent on where clinicals are, and how much it relates to the job you are applying for. The rotations have a lot more weight on them than a student who is getting an RN and doing rotations.

    So it really is luck I think. You never really know..I've kind of pushed that thought in the back of my head and not dwell. I'm just happy on moving onto the next step in my life

    What other schools are you applying to? anyone else??
  10. by   ARickli
    Did anyone else just get the email from CUSON about the extended deadline? Now Monday is a priority deadline-- what does that mean? Does it mean that we will hear from the school sooner? Does it mean that the earlier applicants get more consideration?

    I've already called the office twice this week- can someone else call and find out?
  11. by   hollysf
    I'm wondering the same thing! I emailed them, but I am sure tons of other people have done the same thing. If anyone gets a response from them, please share the news!
  12. by   PNPhopeful
    Hi guys,

    I actually asked them about this today when I called about a different issue! They said we'll all get our answers at the same time regardless. Priority just means the completed apps will be read first but that doesn't mean acceptance is now on a rolling basis. Hope that helps!
  13. by   the healer's art
    So there is no benefit to applying earlier?