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Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone was applying to Beth Israel this fall or next Jan? Has anyone had an interview yet? I have an interview with them next Thursday and was wondering if someone could give me an idea of how... Read More

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    I was interviewed on March 15th and got my letter of admission this week!
    I wish you all luck

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    Wow congrats!!!I still havn't heard from them. I called to get a status on my app but nobody answers. I'm so anxious :/How was you nln score?
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    I believe they were decent. I can't remember off hand now since I took them Feb. last year. I got into the ATOP schedule and have all the nursing pre-reqs done.

    I believe two numbers are listed as the contact number for the school and they only pick up if you call one of them (I can't remember off the top of my head which one it was). Try both They're actually very nice and helpful once you get through to them.
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    Hi Breukelen,

    In your letter of admission, did it include a financial aid package? Also, do you know if one is taking the nursing classes only, would they still be considered a full time student for financial aid purposes?

    After this summer, I would have all prerequisites completed and I'm concerned about that by taking only the nursing classes which is 8 credits that I would not receive full aid.

    (All this acceptance talk is still wishful thinking. I have to call Tuesday for my unofficial decision)

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    Nylady07-thanks for the feedback..I'm still waiting for a call.congrats on your interview. Which program are you applying for?
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    Quote from JBerkel
    Nylady07-thanks for the feedback..I'm still waiting for a call.congrats on your interview. Which program are you applying for?
    No problem.. I applied for the traditional track. Its easier for me with my son in school. Which did you apply for?
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    I applied for the traditional track also. I have two little guys too. So it's easier for me to be in school when they are. Plus I stil need developmental physc and ethics.
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    Hopefully we will meet each other next fall.
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    So I called for my unofficial decision today and I was Accepted. I'm extremely happy. Good luck to everyone.
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    Hi nylady07,

    I'm sorry for the late response. They emailed me my letter of acceptance and no it does not include a financial aid package. I've completed all the prereqs. I've been accepted to the ATOP program which is 21 months and I'm not sure how it will work out with my finances. The first year I was told that I would still be able to work full time and the 2nd year, I'll probably have to quit and go to school full time.

    I hope this helsp and congrats on your acceptance into the school

    Do you mind me asking you how much time are they giving you to acknowledge the letter of acceptance and to send in the deposit?


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