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I just applied to Adelphis nursing program. I had a C in A & P I which is not acceptable for their program so I re-took the class and got a B. I have a 3.36 GPA and passed the TEAS. I didnt do that... Read More

  1. by   chrissy69
    If you are applying to the accelerated program for adelphi (PATH).. you dont need to take your TEAS
  2. by   fkangel
    Did you have to take any prereqs before you actually started the nursing program or do you just start as a freshman/transfer student? and how long did it take you to do the prereqs, and how many years overall does it take you to finish the BSN program here? thank you

    I am a adelphi alum from the program. Here are a few pointers:

    - some of the staff is fantastic and the most helpful in the world and the rest are not. You need to watch your classes and don't just register for what your advisor says because I got screwed over doing that

    - the nursing program was recently completely revamped and will have some kinks to work out as they work students through the new curriculum

    - they don't tell you now, but just for being a nursing student you pay more for tuition. They always have extra fees they add on to it.

    - do not listen to rate my professor!!! I have had some amazing professor that were not rated well on there. When professors become hard and strict people become resentful and write nasty things.

    - do not count on administration to just solve your problems. You will need to do ALL of the leg work to correct a problem or issue

    - become involved in the organizations and go on trips! I went on the costa rica service trip and had a blast. We learned about healthcare in the country and had a ton of fun doing it!

    - be prepared for the extra costs down the road. The school made us buy nursing packs which included simple supplies for a few of our labs. It cost about $350. Also you will eventually need to buy their scrubs, a stethoscope, and many other supplies the school does not cover the cost of.

    - COHORT programs are fantastic. I was in the st. Francis cohort for my clinicals and it gives you a real sense of an actual nursing career. In a regular clinical you have 1 patient for 8 hours. In the cohort we were paired of with a nurse and shared her load. This means it would be 2 students to a nurse and if she had 4 patients we had 2 each. We also did 12 hour shifts so we did the same amount of hours in the long run but were there for less weeks. This gave us more time to study for finals at the end of the semester.

    - be prepared to lose out on a social life. My friends made fun of me the entire time I was in school because I occasionally went for a night out. To survive the program you need to be extremely dedicated and motivated.

    Hope the advice prepares you![/QUOTE]
  3. by   JLB1215
    fkangel.... I was a transfer student into Adelphi. Prior to that I got my associates in liberal arts & sciences at SUNY Farmingdale which helped waive a lot of the gen ed classes Adelphi has you take if you were to apply just out of high school etc. Not to mention taking classes at Farmingdale was SOO much cheaper then taking the pre reqs at Adelphi. I applied for fall 2012 and am in my 2nd semester of the BSN program. It took me a while to do my pre reqs at farmingdale since I was working full time and wanted to ensure I got good grades. But normally it would take you about 2 years. Adelphi also has their own pre reqs that they want you to take before you move onto clinicals. With the liberal arts and science degree, they still had me take pathophysiology, nursing chemistry, informatics in healthcare, and genetics (these i took last semester). I will be graduating Dec 2014 which my bachelors. Overall, straight through it would take you 4 years to complete the BSN, but its really up to you! good luck and hope this helps!
  4. by   Jnhjuli
    What were your prerequisites grades when you applied to Adelphi when you got accepted to the nursing program?
  5. by   rachel lynn
    I was accepted to adelphi for the spring but have heard mixed things. For those of you who are there/went, what is your opinion of the program?
  6. by   _LittleMsRN
    The program is decent (recent grad). It's very fast paced...I suggest you study daily. Any specific questions?