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  1. How many times can you take the teas for Adelphi?
  2. Jnhjuli

    Stony Brook Nursing Basic BSN Fall 2013 applicants

    Hi BioD1234 I need help with my essay, I can email you my essay personally and let me know what you think. Thanks!!
  3. Jnhjuli

    Nassau Community College Spring 2016

    Is it true ur allowed to take the teas only three times at nassau for the nursing program. If so that sucks
  4. Jnhjuli

    Nassau Community College Spring 2016

    How many times are you allowed to take the teas exam, I called n they said only three times but on the website it says as many times you want
  5. Jnhjuli

    Transfer student to Molloy college

    What Chemistry did you take from your previous college for Molloy nursing program?
  6. Jnhjuli

    Molloy College Graduates where are you working?

    What was ur GPA when you got accepted into Molloy nursing program? And how was the reading n math entrance exam? Is it something that you need to study for?
  7. Jnhjuli

    Nassau Community College Spring 2015

    They said they are working on a bachelors degree program at Nassau. When I took A&P last semester all the students in my class had to sign a petition to agree on saying yes to a bachelors nursing program at Nassau
  8. Jnhjuli

    Nassau Community College Spring 2015

    ​what were your prereq grades when u applied to the program?
  9. Jnhjuli

    Adelphi nursing program??

    What were your prerequisites grades when you applied to Adelphi when you got accepted to the nursing program?