UNM Accelerated BSN Students?

  1. Is anyone currently a student in this program or taking prerequisites now to apply?

    I'm in the latter boat. Taking A&P I and micro now, applying by Sept 15 for the Spring 2007 class. I already have a degree in English.

    I would love to find some others who either are in this program already or are planning to apply.

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  3. by   tencat
    Sheesh! I really need to pay better attention to where these forums are posted! Ok, I am a student who is currently in the Accelerated program. After summer session I'll be DONE! Yay! I had a degree in English Education (was a teacher for 12 years), and it's sure come in handy as there is a lot of reading and writing of papers. I really have enjoyed the program, and I've learned a lot. The short time really makes it somewhat stressful, but all in all it's been great.
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  4. by   tencat
    Oh! I'd recommend taking Pathophysiology and Pharmacology (if they haven't already made those mandatory pre-reqs for the program), especially Pharmacology. I didn't have either, and it's been a bit more difficult for me to sort out the meds.
  5. by   nightingale
    Both were mandatory when I did the completion program a few years ago.
  6. by   Elizabeth Hanes
    Hello to both of you! It's nice to hear from folks in the area.

    The only prerequisites I have to complete to apply to the program are A&P I and II (or pathophysiology) and microbiology. I'm working on micro and A&P I right now. I wasn't comfortable with the idea of taking patho without a foundation in basic A&P.

    Do either of you have a feel for how they evaluate applicants to the program? Is it primarily GPA-based? I have a very solid GPA, but I'm concerned about my lack of prior healthcare experience. I suppose they see a lot of that situation for this particular program, though.

    Thanks for replying. I'm glad to hear you're both so enthusiastic about your experience!
  7. by   work4choc
    Hope no one minds my bumping this back up to the top as I am thinking about this program. I have a degree from UNM and actually did 2 years of BSN prerequisites before changing my major (kicking myself because it was easier to get in back then than now....):selfbonk: .

    I am (hopefully) moving back to Albuquerque next year.

    I am wondering about admissions criteria too. I have been a sahm for 7 years now (well I work as a med transcriptionist for now so I guess that makes me a wahm) and am wondering about letters of recommendation and whether I should start volunteering somewhere so I have a rec/eval from someone even remotely related to healthcare instead of from, say, someone like my neighbor. My cum gpa at graduation was a 3.74 and my nursing prereqs gpa was higher than that, so I hope that my grades would be high enough.

    The two courses I had left to take were Patho 2 and Pharmacology, so I definitely plan on taking those. I was so looking forward to Pharm and still am. I also liked Patho (yeah call me crazy).

    Gosh, I hope that changing majors right before applying to get in way back when won't reflect poorly on me.

    Beyond getting in, how is the work itself in the program? It appears that they have made the program a bit longer than it was a couple of years ago when I first looked at it. How many hours/days per wk are clinicals (wondering because its an accelerated format)?

    Thanks anyone for any feedback on this.
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  8. by   sailornurse
    Hi, Just wanted to let you know that NMSU also has an accelerated program. It's called the Roadrunner program & is a 16 month program for people with a bachelor's degree. You can check the dept of nursing website for more info.
    Good luck.
  9. by   jobo.84
    UNM nursing school is actually a very poor institution. Their NCLEX passage rates is in the low 70%, where nation wide for BSN programs it is well into the 90%. That is horrific. The program thrusts a lot of junk tasks that have little to no value. The UNM program provides very bad prep for the NCLEX and for nursing in general. It is likely one of the worst BSN programs in the nation either statistically speaking or from content. It is a "busy work" school lacking any form of substance. The school ought be avoided; many of the community colleges offer a better overall education. It is a rather pompous and ineffective school...and I know as an unfortunate graduate of the place. Avoid! And, I did attain the accelerated BSN. It was a waste of money.