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Hey guys, i've been on this forum for a month now maybe...and i am yet to come across anyone from my school which is pretty bad...i there anyone at all that attends, is planning to or attended the UNM college of... Read More

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    The admission process has changed significantly since I last applied, even though it was only a little over a year ago. It is my understanding that they have moved to weighing GPA very heavily, though I am not certain whether or not there is a heavier emphasis on science GPA vs. cumulative GPA. I was accepted as second degree student (I already had a bachelor's and master's degree) on my first try. My undergraduate GPA and science GPA weren't all that great, but my graduate GPA was really good - not sure whether not this helped at all as my master's degree is non-nursing related. Additionally, they significantly changed the pre-requisites required of second degree students. When I applied they only required A&P I, A&P II, and one additional three hour science course. They are now looking for significantly more pre-requisite coursework. I am not sure how many applicants have applied during the current admission cycle, though I do not that there has been talk in the College of Nursing that the class size may become smaller due to budget issues (40 students, 32 traditional and 8 second degree students were accepted into my class). Sorry I can't give you much insight into the current admissions process. I can tell you that Ann Marie and others in the advising office are A LOT of help. I was in contact with them throughout the application process. Definitely follow through with making an appointment, this will give you a lot of insight and give you a feel for the College of Nursing as a whole. I think that this is extremely important - check out the college, the faculty, the students, all of that ahead of time. Make sure that it will be a good fit for will be spending the next 16 months of your life there!

    In regard to the program....there is some good and some not so good aspects of the program. If you want more information about this, feel free to send me a PM. I can also tell you that they have signficantly restructured the cirriculum beginning with the class behind me. Those admitted the semester after me, started the new cirriculum, which is really quite a bit different. For instance they changed the professional development portion of the cirriculum, there are now 3 professional development classes instead of 2 (they added a third one during level 4). They have also chaged the way that students gain community nursing experience. Everyone has said that this improvements were made to better the experience in the program and make the cirriculum more student friendly, though I can't really speak to this. Change in the College of Nursing is a guarantee, but the time you start the program the cirriculum may have changed two more times

    Feel free to let me know if you have any more questions and I will do the best I can to answer them!
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    Wow!! this is tooo great...Thanks a lot, wow just when i thought it was just Meredith and i here.... Yes, i shall pm you asap!!
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    oooh another question, when one is filling out the application form are there any essays, i write good essays but not when they are impromptu...did you write an essay when you were applying?
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    My understanding is that there used to be an essay, but right now, I KNOW there is no essay (i filled my app out in about 20 minutes on Christmas Eve, lol). So no worries there; but on the other hand, I wish they did have an essay to give you a chance to show your true personality, interests, philosophies as they pertain to nursing. I'm meeting with one of their advisors next week--I'll give you the scoop when I get back!
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    Thank you Meredith, i really do hope you get in, and thanks on the scoop i'll definitely need it...I know that they require the immunization records...i am an international student and am not quite sure about them....i asked my mum and she said i got all of them, but i figured i could go to the SHAC and make sure i have all of them before hand...You think it is a good idea?
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    There are few of us out here. I'm a UNM CON 2nd degree grad from a while back. JBudd just finished her MSN there. There's a few others, but I don't recall screen names at the moment.
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    Have you thought about commuting to Santa Fe and trying the ADN program at Santa Fe Community College? Other than what I have read here- I have no idea what the pre-reqs are at UNM, however, from what it looks like they aren't as stringent. I am currently at SFCC finishing pre-reqs and have just applied to the accelerated ADN for people that already have a BA/BS.

    Most ofmy Gen Eds were done from my BS. Ijust had to complete A&P 1&2, Microbiology, and a CNA class. Unfortunately I had to do a Speech and technical Writing class because I didn't have that in my B.S....

    Anyway- check out Santa Fe is only about an hour from ABQ. There are quite a few folks from ABQ in the nursing program up here.
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    They are actually very strict and choosy.... The advisor i went to see on friday sad that since acceptance is based solely on GPA, that they look at students with gpa's ranging from 3.5-3.8, she said those students have a better chance.
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    Update: I should be hearing from UNM next week in the form of some mysterious email from the admissions committee... they didn't really say what kind of info this email (that they said I may or may not get) would contain, but at any rate it's supposed to be the first point of contact with them! We're supposed to have the final word by March 15. oh, p.s. on your earlier question about the essay, my app (2nd degree) did not have an essay, but apparently the basic applicants had to do a short one-page essay for their app. What are you up to these days? How are classes going?
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    Yay! Meredith, I figured classes were pretty busy, i hope school is going well for you, I am taking patho 1 and it is going great, so far, my instructor is awesome, i'll be applying in the summer, lots of students have theories about "what you need to do to get in" and i really wish they would read the info on the website, some say that you need to have a CNA license, others say you need to volunteer, others say you need to have experience. Butso far school is going great, thanks for the update and goodluck.

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