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Happily married mommy to Chloe, I plan to be a CNM or NP eventually

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  1. Anyone accepted to CNM for Jan 2013?

    I had 8 points out of 9. I did not get the extra point for re-applying because this was my first try. However, I think they are eliminating the extra point for re-applying. I scored a 93 on my HESI (took it once) and my GPA was about a 3.7. Good luck...
  2. I applied for the first time in June, and was accepted! I start in January :).Just curious if anyone else is starting too?
  3. Albuquerque Job Outlooks?

    Just an update: I got in to nursing school and start January! Yay! My husband starts his PhD next month, we are staying in Abq. My SIL says if she can't get a job in Denver, she will try Abq. She did get in to an externship, so I hope she gets a job ...
  4. New grad nurse seeks L&D position in Albuquerque

    Did you find a job in Abq?
  5. Just wanted to say DON'T give UP! =)

    What is EC? How much does it cost? And where do you do Clinicals? And I hope you passed, good luck! :)
  6. Is 86% a decent score on the HESI A2?

    Well it depends on the school, program, how other students did. The program I applied to requires an 85% before one can apply. I scored a 93%. If your peers score about the same you have a good chance. The average of the group I tested with was 89. T...
  7. Certified Nurse Midwife - Masters degree or more?

    Last I heard it is going to a doctorate, but I am not sure when exactly. This website may be helpful: How to Become a Midwife check out the education section.
  8. Can an L&D nurse explain what this means please?

    Thanks for answering :) Yeah, I've never had a miscarriage so not sure how they were misinformed. Maybe I should tell my doctor, if that matters. My doctor explained I have a little horn on the side of my uterus and that whenever I become pregnant I ...
  9. I am reading my operative notes from my csection 2 years ago and don't understand some of the terminology.The report reads "A gravida 2, para O" is that saying 2 pregnancies? Because my daughter was my only and she was a live birth and currently a ti...
  10. CNM Students/Grads?

    How did your first semester go? I just applied yesterday! :) I am not too worried about nursing school itself, I am terrified of the Albuquerque job market. Seems like a lot of nursing programs and not enough jobs
  11. Hello all, Background: I was a CNA for 3 years, a Med Tech for 2 years. Applying now to start nursing school in January. But, I have all pre-reqs and then some so for my program levels 1, 2, and 3 will only be once class and the clinicals. (It is an ...
  12. Why many new grads don't find jobs....

    Well, I worked as a CNA for 3+ years, and then a Med Tech for 2 years. I'm hoping to start nursing school in August (waiting for acceptance) I tried and tried and tried to get a CNA job in a hospital and had absolutely no luck. This girl I know, her ...
  13. University of New Mexico Hospital

    I have heard great things about UNMH, it is where I really want to work! Where did you graduate from? Congrats on getting the job! I am terrified that I won't get anything after I graduate, and relocating is not an option for us.
  14. Where do I apply CNM, UNM or SFCC

    Where is your tech job at? I cannot get a hospital job to save my life! But I am petitioning at CNM this month! Good Luck :)
  15. UNM Hospital Questions

    I am thrilled I found this post! I am trying to get a patient care tech job at UNMH, how do I get my foot in the door? I am a CNA already, but how do I take UNMH's patient care tech training? Is that only if you are hired? Any advice you can give wou...