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Has anyone attended Universal Training Institute in Perth Amboy, NJ? I am considering going to this this school because their schedule allows to to continue to work while going to school and they do... Read More

  1. by   Rodechel
    thanks emmie-carmi iam going to this school sometime this month for info ,you make good point
  2. by   melcuba
    Hey I haven't responded or posted in awhile but I ended up going to lincoln tech and I graduate in 3-months, things to consider uti focuses on one subject at a time that is a plus especially if academics is a struggle, lincoln tech does 2to 3 courses at a time and a lot of ppl struggle I know graduates of both there are both decent schools just be focus all nursing school have drama and politics good luck to all !
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  3. by   Notsewq68
    Hi are you still at the school and how is it? I start next week?
  4. by   Notsewq68
    Are you working as a nurse and how was the school?
  5. by   Notsewq68
    Hi @Rodechel how was the school for you and did you graduate?
  6. by   Azbelieve7
    Can anyone tell me whats the exit exam score require for uti in perth amboy nj?