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  1. Rodechel

    Help!! Looking for a RN job in NY

    you can look through agency mostlikely will hire you as new grad but the pay is little but you doing it just to gain experience you can google quality healthcare agency, whitegloves agency, town nursing agency and drop your resumer also google coney island Hospital i've been Nurses without experience there good luck:)
  2. Rodechel

    Universal Training Institute in Perth Amboy, NJ

    thanks emmie-carmi iam going to this school sometime this month for info ,you make good point
  3. Rodechel

    Universal Training Institute in Perth Amboy, NJ

    hey guys im looking to start UTI January class 2016 but those comment make me think but I will give them a call base on the other students who are there and recently graduated said its a good school and Nursing isn't easy my question is if I want to pursue in LPN-RN bridge program can my credit go toward the RN?