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Hey everyone, my name is Nicole and I am hoping to be accepted into the Rutgers accelerated nursing program that begins this May/June. I would love to chat with anyone who is currently in the program... Read More

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    oops - my email is

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    I need to challenge Cultural Demensions and the interpersonal communications course. Could you email me the syllabus for each along with any other info you received regarding challenging the courses, etc. My email is
    Thank you!
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    Hi everyone, I have been accepted into the RN-BSN program for fall 2013...looking forward to meeting you all.
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    MsNurse- are you in the accelerated program?
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    Also found out today that the alternative orientation date is May 20. I'm still going to try to rearrange my schedule to go on May 10 so I get first choice for class times and have enough time to order books and whatever else I may need to do
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    DPchonky - no luck at all on reinstating my net id. I have been in contact with the help desk but they couldn't help me because I am listed as an "alumni" and not a "student". Not sure what the problem is, but I am waiting to hear back from the nursing school about this..

    little doe - how did you find out the alternate date for orientation is May 20th? I have been waiting to hear back from the school about this (bc I will be away on vacation this Friday), but I haven't heard anything yet. Thanks for letting me know
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    Nic- I've been bugging Office of Student Services Dean and his Administrative Assistant about 3-4 times a week and they finally got back to me with a date. It's at 2pm at the Newark campus (Ackerson Hall lounge). If anyone going to the May 10 orientation could let me know of any time sensitive info you get, that would be great. I hate waiting til the last minute to buy books and whatnot. Thanks in advance! Ill be meeting most of you at the start of the semester.
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    Thanks for letting me know! I had been trying to contact anybody/everybody at the nursing school, but have had no luck so far, so I'm glad you posted the date. Looks like I will see you in Newark on the 20th!
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    FYI- I was told that our term bill for this summer semester is due May 17, but there is a $0.00 amount due on my term bill. I wish RU would get their heads on straight.
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    I haven't been able to get my net ID to work either and have called the helpdesk and they say the same thing...i'm listed as an alumni.


    The May 17 date makes me a little nervous. I just filled out my Financial Aid application for Summer last week so hopefully Rutgers receives the info, but it's such a short time period with registration on May 10 and then the due date for May 17. So hectic that's the one thing I don't like about Rutgers. Chaos. But hopefully it all works out.

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