NJ starting rn salary..

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    I'm just wondering how much is the starting pay for nurses who just passed NCLEx with no experience at all in NJ?

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    The Avg. Salary for an RN in NJ is roughly $37.00 per hour or 76k per year according to Salary.com and the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. I would say the avg. starting salary is probably around $30.00 per hour. The highest salaries I've seen is about $45-50 per hour but that comes with many years of experience in some sort of specialty position like ICU or some sort of leadership or management position like a charge nurse or nurse manager. Also keep in mind due to the economic recession, hiring practices are becoming stricter thus employers may take advantage and offer you less of an expected wage like $22-25 per hour.
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    because i had girls i graduated with make crap money where they were hired (we all have BSNs), and i refused to take a job at $20-21/hr in a hospital with my bachelor's degree, my goal was $25/hr. i didn't negotiate and was hired at just over $27/hr and i also have a $3.50 shift differential on top of that. if i had negotiated i may have been able to get a little more, but i was just taken aback at the amount so i didn't negotiate, and was happy with what they offered me. on top of that we are the lowest paying hospital in south jersey...imagine if i had gone elsewhere.
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    I work in south jersey, I always thought the hospitals in the area all made about the same. Interesting meganmc02 mmm got me thinking....
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    South jersey is about $26 - $30 per hour base pay. I don't think a new grad with no experience can negotiate much... You're lucky to get an interview, let alone a job offer.
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    As a new grad with BSN, I was offered $29/hr for days (plus $2/hr for weekends) in December 2012. There is no negotiation when you're a new grad here. I was VERY lucky and happy to have been offered so I took it without resistance. This is in Middlesex county at an acute care hospital. This was also not a residency program; however I was given 8 weeks with preceptor on the floor, plus 2 weeks in classroom including an IV course.
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    I'm a nurses aid at Capital Health in Trenton, working on my rn. One of my friends graduated a little over a year ago and was hired to work on the telemetry floor for $21/hr day shift. I was really shocked to hear that considering one of the Techs makes $20/hr(because she has her lpn). Anyway he just switched to the ER and got an $8 raise. Another friend at the hospital is with an agency. She said she worked for a year before the agency hired her. She was started at $45/hr at the agency she said the best part is she makes her own schedule and never works weekends.......that is my goal lol no weekends
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    I think the first goal is just to be employed as RN with this economy.
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    Quote from BouBou
    I think the first goal is just to be employed as RN with this economy.
    Lol yes I think everyone agrees that landing a job is the first goal it just happens that I have more than one goal.
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    My thought is: how much did you REALLY think you were going to make as a nurse???

    Most nurse have been making the same amount for well over 25 years. Most start out making 40 grand in salary, depending on COLA, etc.

    20+ dollars as a new grad is pretty good, considering a lot of occupations requiring bachelors, and masters, especially with working in human and public service, make ONLY 12-15 dollars. Just a thought.

    Nursing in no means makes you rich, but you will make a living...and live comfortably, especially when shift differentials and overtime in the mix

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