lpn to rn bridge programs in NJ

  1. 0 Hi,
    I am having trouble finding schools for LPN to RN programs...I live in essex county nj...Can someone help me?:icon_roll
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    There are forums her on AllNurses that are regional as opposed to this forum. It might help you to speak to other nurses who are from New Jersey to get a better answer to your question.

    Try this link...and good luck!

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    Moved to the NJ Nurses forum for more feedback. Good luck to you.
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    St Francis in Trenton
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    How is St. Francis? What are the requirements?
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    Essex County College.
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    Quote from caffeineRx
    How is St. Francis? What are the requirements?
    I don't go to the program but I've been researching it for after I graduate from LPN school this summer. From what I know it's only a one year program, you need to have already passed your NCLEX-PN, and you have to take a placement test. They are also affiliated with Mercer County College so you can attain your ADN from there while earning your nursing diploma from St. Francis. You should check out their website, it has a lot of useful information. HTH

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