LPN prpgram at OCVTS

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    Hey everyone! Is anyone attending ocvts in September? I'm starting then and I just wanted to hear from anyone if they're going/graduated.


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    I am graduating in 10 days!
    The program is difficult but you can do it! You have to study really hard, take notes, never miss classes, and stay focused at all times. Which class are you signed up for: A or B?
    Good luck to you, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me
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    Congratulations!! I am in class B. I got the sheet of medical abbreviations and medical equations. I've been studying non stop already! I'm very excited, but very nervous. I'm looking into getting all of my books together and can't wait to go scrub shopping How were your instructors? We're you already in the health field before you started? We're you able to work while in school?Sorry for the 21 questions, by the way again, congratulations!
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    Thank You!
    I am in class "B" too, and our instructors are great. As long as you listen to them and follow the rules, you will be fine( a lot of rules in nursing school, so be ready...)No, i don't have any experience in health care field, so it might be a challenge for me to get a desired job as a new grad. There are jobs out there, and I am staying positive,and hope i will land a good job.
    We have a lot of students who are nurses aids, and work part time while going to school, so it is doable.
    The program is very challenging, and I don't know what your financial situation is, but if it is possible, i would recommend not to work and dedicate all of your time to school and studying, especially in the beginning.
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    Do you know if the classes are full for this fall?
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    Quote from tperrix
    Hey everyone! Is anyone attending ocvts in September? I'm starting then and I just wanted to hear from anyone if they're going/graduated.

    To TPerrix
    How long is the program at OCVTS? Are they full for the sept start date? I am enrolled in the sept start at middlesex county Voc Tech
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    I'm set to start in September, still contemplating whether it's the right choice or not. I keep going between starting pre-reqs at OCC and going to the vocational school. @Tperrix: How did you find out your homeroom already? Just wondering if I missed something in the mail.

    The program at OCVTS is 10 months, September through July. We were told at registration that classes were full, but there were a lot of people who apparently didn't show up to registration, so who knows. You can give them a call and find out, I'm sure they'd be more than willing to answer any questions.
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    Is there anyone here that is in the PN program in toms river Nj OCVTS? If so how the program an what books do the use for A&P
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    Guess not maybe I should reconsider thanks
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    Moved to NJ State Nursing Program Forum to elicit further response.

    Did you try calling the school?

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