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I'm currently working towards my ADN at a 2 year nursing school. I'm a PCT in an ICU and a nurse asked me if i was going to work there when i finished school, and said she was sure my nurse manager... Read More

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    Ew. Are you for real msgirl68?

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    Quote from msgirl68
    They can require whatever they want. The only Bachelor's I want is a Bach of Science or Bach of Arts! I want a degree not associated with cleaning people's behinds or bedpans!! When you tell people you are a nurse you can see their dissappointment (I am referring to educated and successful women). When I talk to women in business or finance, they have no interest at all in knowing about nursing. They just feel sorry for you and see you as a caretaker. There is no prestige at all in nursing be it as an RN or BSN.
    What do you think the BS in BSN stands for? You don't think a nurse is educated or auccesaful? I have friends with a bachelor's degree in business who work for minimum wage as cashiers because there aren't jobs. Your ignorance actually amuses me and makes me pity you.
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