How you doin'??

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    Just thought I'd give everyone a Jersey Style hello!!

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    Hi What part of NJ are you from?
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    Hola Kiddies,

    Either we are all asleep in NJ or working on teasing that big hair!

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    Hola Hermana!! (Hablo un poco solomente!)
    Hi Lisa, I'm from central Jersey?

    Where are you both from?

    (Ya caught me, I was teasing alright... )
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    I am down at the shore. And I have just one question: If it is tourist season, why can't I shoot them???? j/k so many people down here depend on our tourist trade.........sigh we just aren't equipped though for so many people! Staying in my house till

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    I'm in Cumberland county. I can understand about the tourists. There is always a traffic jam at the exit I have to turn off to get home. lol
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    Hola to you guys!
    I am new to this forum. think it's great to have a place to go.
    I just finished A&PI and have A&PII in fall at Raritan Valley CC
    in Somerset County. It feels like I have a long road ahead of me.
    Hopefully, I will make it! And hopefully you will too!
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    Am from central NJ and work RWJUH in New Brunswick. Anyone want to come work with us??? Just got great pay levels and defined pension from last contract negotiation
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    Just joined the db today and learned a lot already. Been interested with computers for a long time and has a small group with same interest where I work. We ought to use more of the technology in nursing. Likemaking PDAs standard issue for nurses. Happy to be part of this forum and lets read on... Any SPUH,NB nurse out there?
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    Originally posted by hoolahan
    Just thought I'd give everyone a Jersey Style hello!!
    :chuckle I thought you were referring to the NJ "salute!" Then I thought, Hoolio? Nah. :chuckle

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