How long does it take to get the actual RN license in NJ?

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    I am just wondering how long it takes to take the actual RN license in NJ? I am scheduled to take the RN exam in July. I know that we know the results the next day or so. But how long does it take for the NJ BON to send you the license?? I actutally need it before I start working/orientation... Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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    The BON told me that I could call 2.5 weeks after taking boards and they should be able to give me my license number over the phone. But it can take longer than that (I think she said 4-5 weeks) to receive it in the mail.
    You should only need a license number to start work. Where are you working?
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    Were you able to get your license number over the phone??? It will be 2.5 weeks for me on Monday, I plan on calling the BON then. Hopefully they will have a number for me.
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    Hi Ashley,

    I am going to work in NJ. So I just appeared for my boards on July 21st and did pass. But I have my orientation starting on Aug. 8th at the hospital and they want my license #. I wanted to get it as soon as possible...

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    Tamme, were you able to get your license before Aug 8th? I'm kind of in the same situation...I'm hoping to get my license before my starting date.
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    Hi balakubak,

    Yes, I did get my license on Aug. 8th!! Very happy about that. Are you in NJ??
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    Hi Tamme,

    Thanks for getting back on me. Yes, I'm in NJ! I took and passed NCLEX July 25th. Some of my classmates still waiting for their license and it has been over 3 weeks!
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    Wow!! Good for you guys having jobs already!! I'm still job hunting I was just going to say it took 3 weeks for me to finally get my license. When I called the BON, they said that they have a staffing shortage and computer issues and thats why it was taking them so long to get everything done this summer.
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    is there any other way we could speed up the process? like going to the BON office? is that an option?
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    I don't think soo.... Try calling though. The person I talked to took down my name and told me to call in 3 days and she promised to have it for me. So you can try that... As long as you have all your info in and your fingerprinting they should be able to do the same for you.

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