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Hello, Has anyone recieved the date(s) for the Nursing Entrance Exam for September 2011? I've been studying all summer and I am very excited to sit for the test; I just hope that i do well. I have take all Pre-Reqs and... Read More

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    That's very helpful!! thanks....have you heard anything from anyone yet? I don't wanna keep calling the school back and annoy the people that answer the phones lol

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    I have not heard anything....give it a couple of weeks. We should know something by Thanksgiving atleast.
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    Anyone know when letters are being mailed out? The wait is killing me!!
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    Nope....well hopefully we will be hearing something sometime this is the week before Thanksgiving and aren't Spring classes going to be available for online registration soon?....ahh can't wait to find out the
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    Letters will be mailed out in 2 weeks. I spoke to the secretary. She said all she could tell me is that we have to have to be in the 50th percentile and above to be accepted into the program
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    So, i guess that means we should give it until the last week of November. I was hoping to know by Thanksgiving. I guess we will just have to be patient.
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    I just hope we get in....
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    Be patient guys. ECC is SLOW. Very slow. Lol
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    Good luck, everyone.
    And thanks for your advice lapoRtaN. I will be seeing the professor we talked about on Thursday. Can't wait to meet her.
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    Essex has begun mailing letters....

    I have not had the opportunity to check my mail yet but folks have started receiving letters.

    Good Luck to all!

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