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  1. With all the New Jersey folks on this page, I'm really surprised that there's no thread for BCIT LPN students...

    So... I figured I'd start one...

    I'm going to be attendting BCIT's Westampton campus starting February 2009 in persuit of becoming an LPN... and I'm super excited!! I've always wanted to be a nurse.... and I'm just thrilled that I'm actually on my way to starting my career. I know there's a lot to learn... and I'm really looking forward to the challenge.

    Anyone else attending BCIT's Westampton night program??? I'd love to hear from you!!!

    Or maybe you attended BCIT and have a story or experience to share???

    I hope I see some posts ladies and gents!

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  3. by   jensmomrn11
    I am graduating BCIT's Westampton LPN program next week. If you are in the evening program, you will be getting the same teachers that I had. They are great teachers.
    Our first year, we went through so many teachers, and we felt lost and we also felt like we were not learning anything because of all of the teacher turnovers. Our last 2 teachers were a godsend and helped pull the last year together and we became more confident in our abilities and we all will graduate because of them.
    By the way, if you get a test question wrong but can support your answer, you have a chance of getting the points. They love it when we do that (wink, wink)
    Good luck, time will fly by and one day you will be a nurse
  4. by   logans_mommy
    hi dee!!! my name is tiffany. we will be classmates!!!i am sooooo exicited but also really nervous. i have heard this class is really hard. have you finished your assignments yet? i hope we get a lot of notes in class because i did not enjoy doing that by myself! a lecture for those chapters would have been great! where do you live? im happy i will go into class knowing someone! hope to hear from you soon. only 11 more days :d
  5. by   MrsJersey
    Congratulations on getting into BCIT. I'm starting in the day program at Westampton in the summer. I also am super excited!! Best of luck to you!!
  6. by   deelicious
    hello everyone! thanks so much for your replies!

    jensmom- and thank you so much for sharing your experience

    tiffany- nice to meet you! yeahp my assignments are complete... i just started reviewing them to refresh my memory. it is just impossible to retain all that info! i actually live on the jersey shore... im about 15 minutes from the ocean... i know im absolutely crazy for traveling all the way out to westampton... but there's a 2 year waiting list for the lpn program in my county. to0o0o long for me!! hopefully, you dont have to travel as far. i wonder if i have met you? did you attend the uniform fitting and book pick-up?

    mrsjersey- congrats to u as well! hopefully i will be able to offer you some advice when the time comes
  7. by   MrsJersey
    Hi Dee, I just wanted to see how you were liking the program so far??
  8. by   logans_mommy
    hi jersey! i am in the night program with dee. we love it! its really hard but we are learning how to manage our time. time managment will be your biggest obsticle! there is sooooo much to do and so little time to do it. you have to study, study, study! i was supposed to be in the day class too but i switched to the night so my chances for passing were higher. you have to maintain a 75% to pass the class and it is an 85% for pharmacology. a&p sucks! it is the first book you do. i dont know if they gave you homework out of it already but we had to do the first 10 chapters before we even started classes. do you start in april?
  9. by   MrsJersey
    Thanks for the reply Tiff!! I go in next Thursday to pick up my books and get fitted for my uniform. I'm hoping that A&P wont be a problem, I took it at BCC last year so everything is still pretty fresh in my mind. I'm such a nerd though so I know that I will have read most of the book by the time that classes start in June. Our A&P is supposed to last from June to mid August and then we have off until after Labor Day. I want to try and squeeze a little vacation in there because I know it will probably be the last time I'll get to spend some quality time with the baby and hubby. If you don't mind please keep me updated with how everything is going. If you can't tell I am SUPER excited. Best of luck to you and I know you won't have any problem keeping up that 75 average.:heartbeat
  10. by   EmSChIcK609
    just curious im about to fill out my app for the feb class in 2010 what is the aplication process like? was the entrance test hard? did you find it hard to get accepted into the program?
  11. by   logans_mommy
    Hi Emschick. Congrats on applying to the program! The application process although long isnt too bad. The entrance exam is a basic one. It really depends on how long you have been out of school. You can go get a book for basic entrance exams to study from. If you pass the test you will get a letter in the mail about when the class you applied for starts and when your interview is. Acception into the program depends on your physical, references, and backround. At your interview you will get all this paperwork. Your physical and backround are the most important. If there is anything that shows up on your backround that might mess you up. Other than that it is simple. Just a lot of waiting involved! Good luck on your test and please keep us updated!!!!
  12. by   EmSChIcK609
    thanks a bunch waiting i understand lol im an emt-b and i remember the wait getting my results back on the test so im good at waiting lol..
  13. by   logans_mommy
    Im an EMT too. Where are you from?
  14. by   EmSChIcK609
    im from Bordentown NJ

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