Associate Degree jobs in New Jersey, are there any? - page 2

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I'm currently in an associates program and am wondering if anyone who has earned their RN from one recently has gotten a job and if so in what time frame? I plan to continue on for my BSN, but want to work as an RN as I'm earning... Read More

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    Quote from mmm cdiff
    Not entirely true. Some places will allow you to stay; the NJ BON allows it. I'm still working as a nursing assistant with my RN license, but I am extremely cautious. If you're a CNA with an RN license, you'll be treated as an RN.
    That's not what our staffing director told me. A couple of other techs who got their RN licenses and myself were told to stop working. The first few weeks when I had my license I didn't tell anyone just so I could keep working. I told a few people and my manager found out. But it's ok cause she offered me an RN job