Assisted living or any jobs except agency for lpn

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    Dear Fellow Nurse:
    Please can you direct me to an assisted or retirement facility that you are absolutely sure of them hiring LPN without experience.I am tired of looking.I have applied to over 50 places with no luck.I need a job.Can someone please hire me.If you are reading this,please do me a favor by directing me to the above question facilities.I need help and i am tired of not working.I will even work free at this point because i am desperate to be on the floor and then pay can come later.I offcourse need money too but at the moment i need to get out of the house before depression kills me.I feel like a wasted citizen.I feel good now that i am able to vent in here.Thanks for listening and don't forget to tell me of any job openings.Leave a message of HOPE if you don't know of any as well.I need to hear from my fellow nurse.Have a wonderful weekend.

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    Hi 2011....
    I can tell you a little secret! First, I don't know exactly where you live....but down in Cumberland County, Bridgeton, there is a facility called Cumberland Manor, they are definitely looking for LPN's....and RN's per diem. Give them a try if it's close or you don't mind driving.
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    Thank you so much!!!
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    it is very far from me;am two hours and thirty something minutes.
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    i hope you don't mind, but which county in nj do you live? pm me and i might be able to recommend you to our facility.
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    essex county
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    our facility is in middlesex, nj.
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    snowflakeprincess, if you don't mind can you pm me the name of your facilty? Thanks!
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    UMDNJ has plenty of posting for LPN
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    Some don't require experience
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