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Is anyone else besides me so unlucky to be pounding their head to the wall for the next 2 months or so? I haven't started to get too terribly anxious yet, seeing as how Manchester deadline only just passed, and stratham's... Read More

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    Waiting on Nashua and Manchester....anyone receive their letters yet?
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    I am also waiting..I have the inteview tomorrow but won't find out until June if I am accepted!! I don't even know how many they will accept for the Spring Quarter. I do have most all of my general education requirements done though, so I think that might help a LOT (bout 2 years worth) and the ones that I still need to complete will be finished by the Spring if I am accepted. I am also working on my CNA next quarter.. I wish June would hurry up and get here
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    I'm dying to know....letters yet anyone? :spin:

    NashuaCC's letters should be out by now, right? And ManchesterCC, theirs are out by mid-March?! I can't take the stress of waiting any longer!! ugh!
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    I just called Manchester, and the annoying stupid girl I talked to claimed not for another month for them, though from what I understand having read further back into posts here, the letters actually have usually been sent mid march. I really hope I get into stratham, because I have had nothing but issues and stupid people to deal with over at manchester. the only plus to Manchester is clinicals are at the Elliot
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    Thank you for that info Niko1999! Hope you get in where you want!

    Another MOnTH! Ugh, I can't deal.
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    I know, it's killing me here, especially now that it is down to crunch time. Truth be told, I would be happy with even getting wait listed, at least youre accepted that way. Mid April can't come soon enough!!!!
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    I got my letter from Nashua! I got in! Hooray!
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    cool, congrats!
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    Grats!!! That is exciting! Was Nashua your first school?
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    Nashua is my first choice because of several small differences. It's closer to my house, I'm required to take one less class (Human Growth) and when I totaled up the fees it should cost me about $2000 less to go there. Plus they have a gym now which means I can cancel my gym membership and save a couple hundred dollars a year.

    Does anyone have any opinions on Nashua vs. Manchester? Perks or downsides?