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Is anyone else besides me so unlucky to be pounding their head to the wall for the next 2 months or so? I haven't started to get too terribly anxious yet, seeing as how Manchester deadline only just... Read More

  1. by   niko1999 RN BSN
    They have 50 some-odd spots available, and 20 for the waitlist, minus the seven that were left over from last year, and the person who was accepted but got pregnant, leaves about 42 spots open. You pretty much HAVE to have A&P done to get in, even if you score really well on the NLN, if you don't have those done, you will probably only get wait listed (I talked directly to admissions). There are about 400 aplicants, but due to either being incomplete or NLN scores being below 50%, they weedle them down to about 150, then they look at the people who were in the 90 percentile range, whether they had thier A&P done, and so on and so forth, so yeah, it is just about that extreme Good luck to everyone, can't wait to hear who got in where!
  2. by   Becca2theresq
    I can only remember what my percentile score was, 97, which is what I believe the school looks at. When did you take the test??
  3. by   Meghan23
    thanks for the great reply..Its stressing me out because I don't know yet how I did on my NLNs but should know by the end of this week...how is the scoring done...is the composite score the actual number of answers that you got correct, and then the 10 pts. for references and the 20 for A&P I and II (which I completed both with good grades) I am just sooo nervous for the NLN results...the science was very difficult at times for me...
    What is the highest score (to put it in perspective)....I don't really understand how the scoring works. I also heard they don't look at your individual class grades or GPA (which is kind of a bummer, as I worked really hard to do well) How did you do on your NLNs?
  4. by   Meghan23
    I took the test February 7, 2009....called the NY headquarters to check the status of my results and the lady told me they were mailed out on Friday....but with today being a holiday and yesterday being Sunday...I probably won't see them until mid-late this week! It's killing me!
  5. by   niko1999 RN BSN
    It took three weeks for me to receive my scores because I took them right before Thanksgiving, it was the worse three weeks ever! I actually e-mailed them to make sure they had the right mailing address!!! I have had no luck with anything so far, manchester couldn't find my scores, exeter couldnt find my bio grade, then manchester AGAIN couldn't find my grades that were transferred, now they have everything and so does stratham. I am hoping that since it didn't go smoothly its a good sign! I was only 89th percentile, but I took the NLN last year, and got a 96% in verbal, and stratham admissions said that would boost me considerabley, and I have my anatomy done as well. It does kind of suck how they only go off of one single test doesn't it? And just because someone can test well, doesn't mean they will make a good nurse
  6. by   Becca2theresq
    This waiting game is killing me!! Those of you who have applied to GBCC do you have any idea what the schedule is like for just the RN classes??? I am anxious to know if I can work my work schedule around school! Also, is anyone applying to scholarships, if so which ones???
  7. by   Animal3
    The letters should be coming soon!!! This wait is driving me nuts!
  8. by   Art&Science
    Waiting on Nashua and Manchester....anyone receive their letters yet?
  9. by   Karla.S
    I am also waiting..I have the inteview tomorrow but won't find out until June if I am accepted!! I don't even know how many they will accept for the Spring Quarter. I do have most all of my general education requirements done though, so I think that might help a LOT (bout 2 years worth) and the ones that I still need to complete will be finished by the Spring if I am accepted. I am also working on my CNA next quarter.. I wish June would hurry up and get here
  10. by   Art&Science
    I'm dying to know....letters yet anyone? :spin:

    NashuaCC's letters should be out by now, right? And ManchesterCC, theirs are out by mid-March?! I can't take the stress of waiting any longer!! ugh!
  11. by   niko1999 RN BSN
    I just called Manchester, and the annoying stupid girl I talked to claimed not for another month for them, though from what I understand having read further back into posts here, the letters actually have usually been sent mid march. I really hope I get into stratham, because I have had nothing but issues and stupid people to deal with over at manchester. the only plus to Manchester is clinicals are at the Elliot
  12. by   Art&Science
    Thank you for that info Niko1999! Hope you get in where you want!

    Another MOnTH! Ugh, I can't deal.
  13. by   niko1999 RN BSN
    I know, it's killing me here, especially now that it is down to crunch time. Truth be told, I would be happy with even getting wait listed, at least youre accepted that way. Mid April can't come soon enough!!!!