Lakes Region Community College--- anyone go there?

  1. So I have been trying to find some nursing schools to apply to be accepted for this upcoming fall. Ive emailed every tech college and so far only LRCC has written me back, and apparently they do NOT have waiting lists. If you are accepted, you start that fall. If you didnt get in, you just reapply the following year. I will be starting Great Bay CC in January to work on pre-reqs and such and I spoke to a woman at the college who said Fall 2010 is full, Fall 2011 is almost full... so I think I am going to have to go elsewhere for Nursing or do something in the meantime.

    Ive looked into Rivier College, Manchester Community College, Great Bay Community College, Lakes Region Community College, St. Anselm, UNH (which isnt accepting nursing apps, or transfer students at the moment), and I think a couple more? I love in Dover and the only school that ISNT an hour away is Great Bay.

    Has anyone taken their nursing at LRCC? Did you like it?
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  3. by   Gin84
    Never been to LRCC. I'm taking my Red Cross LNA at GBCC. I'm looking into my LPN at HCTA in Manchester, NH. I too am in the Dover area and I'm not looking forward to a year driving to Manchester 3x/week! But because of the waiting list for ADN at GBCC, it's what I have to do!

    Right now I'm looking for an online med.terminology class for HCTA.

    Good luck!
  4. by   miche22
    I am applying to LRCC for fall 2010 as well! I heard it is a GREAT program! I know the head nurse at LRGHealthcare and she said the program is phenomenal. They do not accept many students that is the downside! However, also a good thing because then class sizes are small and they can really focus on you.

    I am applying to LRCC and NHTI. I am beginning to think I should look into a few more programs. When I got started doing some research I looked into Manchester Community as well. Maybe I will apply there as well?

    I'm taking the NLN on Saturday for LRCC...have you taken it yet? I have read it is very difficult!
  5. by   dcahoon
    I have been attending LRCC for four years. I completed my pre-requisites for the nursing program, and I will graduate this May.
    It was a wonderful experience. The instructors are a wealth of knowledge and very approachable!
    Your clinical experience is shared between LRGHealthcare, Franklin, and Concord Hospital. Newly implemented this year, is the ATI program. This encompasses online board questions to guage your level comprehension in various areas.
    I found one drawback... Your freshman year is focused on the nursing process and assessment skills. This becomes a little tricky with your senior year if you are unfamiliar with IV pumps, CVAD's, and flushing. My advice is to utilize your first year to become familiar with these tools.
    Good luck!
  6. by   tacobarlass
    I just graduated from LRCC... Hi Dee!! I highly recommend their program. The professors are wonderful and caring. It is a small program, class of 2010 had 23 students. Transitioning to senior year was a little tricky in that some things were done differently, e.g. careplans (which were actually easier senior year). Each professor has their own style but I can say you won't be "a number" there. Other faculty members and staff are wonderful as well. The campus is small and you have the opportunity to really get to know everyone. Good luck!