GBCC 2011 Hopefuls

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    Does anyone know when Great Bay sends out acceptance letters? I have heard as early as March from some people, and as late as May from others. Any thoughts? I got my letter from Manchester a few weeks ago, I am in there. Keeping my fingers crossed for GB!
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    Last year we were notified in early March. Previous classes didn't receive their letters until late April. So, I'm not quite sure how to answer your question... Good luck!
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    Ok, thanks. I will keep my fingers crossed for early March, the anticipation is killing me!
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    GBCC is sending out acceptance letters! Got mine this afternoon! =]
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    I got my letter today too! So excited!
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    I got mine on the 4th also!
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    When do we get more information? After the deadline for deposits?
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    Hopefully soon. Would like to know when orientation is! I can't believe they sent out the letters so quickly.
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    I'm in at GBCC for the fall too!!! I can't wait for orientation Look forward to meeting you ladies
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    Congrats! I'm at GBCC working on pre-reqs still. If you ladies wouldn't mind me asking, what were your grades, etc. to get in? I just have this awful feeling I'm never going to get in. I know it's competitive, but how competitive? What were your NLN scores as well?