Anyone tried the PVT trick for NCLEX-RN NH? - page 4

Hello here and would like to ask anyone who took the NCLEX-RN for the State of New Hampshire that tried the so called "Pearson Vue Trick"? If you have, can you please share with me your experience with it. Does it... Read More

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    Hi batsoy1919 did you check the bon of ca just 2 days after taking the nclex? and it was then that you saw your name correct? please let me know. so far am i getting the good pop up and am praying to the high heavens that i passed. I am also in ca so having someone else get that and be in ca is something. Thanks

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    hello, i am pretty new to this site but just took the nclex today @ 0800 and dying to find out about my results. i came across this post thread and followed the instructions on the very first message. at this point the computer is giving a different pop-up than the others previously stated, it reads:

    "the candidate has previously passed this exam. a new appointment cannot be scheduled."

    so, i guess i passed.......

    i will still wait for a couple of days to look for my license at the board of nursing site and see if it's legal. i don't want to lift up my spirits that high, but this pop-up is very to the point i think (and hope!!!) (really, why waste the money......) i'll keep you posted if for some reason this post was wrong.
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    Sweet Jesus! Thank you Lindsay Fischer, RN!
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    Hi I just finished today taking the nclex-pn 06/26/12 at 2:30 pm and stopped at 85. After 4 hours I did the trick and gave me the popular pop-upped saying ..our records reliable is the trick!? Hoping and believing!
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    mine says "the candidate currently has test results that are on hold. a new registration cannot be created at this time" what does that mean?
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    Just means they are reviewing your paper work.... doesnt mean pass or fail. On page 2 of this forum it states what each means.
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    It's worked for everyone I know, if they could register for another test they failed and if they couldn't they passed! That's how I found out too! Btw I'm in California as well!
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    don't know if anyone will still read this link, but, I was all prepared to go online to debunk the so called "Pearson Vue Trick", thinking it was a hoax. I felt so horrible taking the RN NCLEX,, I was convinced I failed. Someone told me of this "trick", and I got the "good" message. I still was convinced I failed...but... I passed. The trick seems to be accurate....

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