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    pls has anyone taken the USN interview for their nursing school before or knows someone that has taken it? i have an interview with them this tuesday and would like to know what to expect. at least what it's like. pls if anyone can help, i'd be very grateful. thanks.

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    I think Pogi interviewed with them. I was scheduled to, but then got sick and right after found out I was accept to NSC. The tuition's a tad bit steep for me too. They haven't filled their class I know so if you don't puke all over the interview committee I'm sure you'll be fine :spin:
    I'm sure they'll ask the usual: 1. why to do you want to be a nurse 2. why USN 3. Describe your (strengths, weaknesses). 4. Are you a leader or a follower? That kind of thing. You'll do fine I'm sure. Good luck and let us know!

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    They asked about:Communication, leadership,motivation, team-Skills, problem-Solving Skills, professionalism, compassion.
    Example questions ( as far as i remember)
    If one of you group members dont go along well, how do you handle it?

    how do you describe yourself?
    what are the subject you dont like most when doing your pre-req?
    how communication is important for nursing major?
    how do you describe yourself as being compassion?

    this is not all , i cant remember the rest. ( but before you are being interviewed, you will be asking to write a paragraph in grammatically correct form for15 minutes ) For my question, they asked me if you see one of your friends cheating during an exam, what will you do?

    i hope this help.
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    thanks so much guys for your help. wish me luck
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    you can do it !! i know you can !!
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    Thanks for your help on the interview tips everyone. i must admit i was pretty nervous about it. well, i got in and i'm so happy. thanks again.roll yep, the smileys pretty much summarize how i feel right now
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    MARALITE- i know you got in 3 years ago but i could imagine that the interview process isn't any different. i will have an interview with them next month and wanted to see what questions they specifically asked you. is it a panel interview? group interview? did you have to write a short essay before. how long is the interview? was it as bad as you thought it would be? thanks in advance!
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    @oxojoyoxo2 you dont have to stress about the me I was in the same position. Yes, it is a panel interview with maybe 2 professors and a current student or if you're lucky just maybe one professor. No, it is not a group interview, it's one on one interview. They ask you questions about yourself, teamwork, professionalism, leadership, problem solving, why you want to be a nurse? and all that jazz. There is an essay that you have to do within 15min. and its usually related to teamwork, leadership and stuff. The whole interview is 30-40min. depending on how in depth they want to be. The tour is about 30min. So basically an 1hr-1hr30 all together. Oh and be sure to ask questions, they love em' =]].

    Good luck on your interview. You can do it! Fighting!
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    sweet_emotion12- thank you so much for the info!! Did you recently have your interview or are you currently in the program?
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    oxojoyoxo2...i had my interview on may25. so its pretty recent.

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