Roseman University 18-month Program? - page 13

Hi everyone! I saw a couple of thread regarding Roseman's nursing program but most of them are dated from 2012 or so. Anyways, I was curious if there is anyone currently in the 18 month program... Read More

  1. by   Martin095
    I am interviewing tomorrow, does anyone know what questions they ask you? And what happens during the process? How long is it?
  2. by   ger_bearr
    I'll be there tomorrow.
    uhhh, interview itself is like 10-20 min... I don't really remember the questions though, I know they ask things about profesionalism, inspiration... it's not bad, just be honest
  3. by   Snemati34
    Did you graduate from roseman ? Please let me know how u liked the program.
  4. by   Martin095
    Has anyone been in a situation like this, or has heard of someone being in a situation like this--I have recently been admitted into the 18-month BSN program and I am very excited to start! I still have this one last pre-requisite course to complete, chemistry. Right now I am not doing well in the course and I am not sure if I am able to receive a minimum of C grade in the course. However, my GPA will still be above the required setting of 2.75 (It'll probably drop to like a 3.3 or 3.4). Has anyone been in this situation?? Please someone help me out I need advice