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  1. channo92

    Legacy RN Residency

    I did 4, and I butchered my first one because I was completely not ready with responses and it was the one I wanted. I should have waited, but oh well.
  2. General questions were "Why Virginia Mason, why this position, what do you know about the role of an operating room nurse"? Behavioral questions included "Tell me about a time you didn't know what to do, tell me about a time someone gave you surprising feedback, tell me about a time that you ran out of time, tell me about a time you had a conflict with a coworker, tell me about a time when you failed..." I am not holding my breath for it, honestly, but it was very low pressure.
  3. channo92

    OHSU Non-Resident New Grad

    Hi all! I am fresh out of nursing school, and I'm applying to residencies, but I also got an interview OHSU in the Orthopedic & Spine unit for December 27th. Has anybody try this route, and what experience did you have as a new grad with the company without completing a residency first?
  4. The interview was with the surgical tech supervisor, developmental specialist, and two nurse managers. I applied super early in the process, so I wonder if that helped me get in. They asked a couple behavioral questions and then some general questions. I feel like you never really know how the interview went, but I'm hoping to hear something soon either way.
  5. Hello everybody! I applied with Prov Portland months ago when the RN residency came up for February 2019. I did the hirevue and gave references, but I never heard back from them. Tonight, Sunday night, around 5 p.m., I got an email asking to reapply to a different requisition number if I was still interested. I continued to apply, and about five minutes later got another email saying that I already did the hirevue for this process and that they will be contacting me for further steps. Has anybody had this happen? Thank you!
  6. I have my interview for the or on Monday! What were some of the things the panel asked you? I have been rehearsing some behavioral questions, but I'm wondering if there's anything that really got you in. Thank you!
  7. channo92

    Seattle Children's New Grad Residency March 2019

    Hey, I thought the interview was supposed to be Dec 19th, but I haven't heard anything back, good or bad. Looking back on some of the forums, people haven't even interviewed until January.
  8. channo92

    Seattle-Virginia Mason Panel Interview New Grad

    I just completed my HR phone interview, and they asked me why I became a nurse, and the big questions were a time you had a bad experience with a patient and what you did to counteract it, and then what was a time where you went above and beyond for a patient. I got a panel interview for December!
  9. channo92

    Legacy Health Feb 2018 Residency Program

    I feel the same, and I am upset RIO didn't show. I flew in from Utah for just the night! Good luck, report if you hear back!
  10. channo92

    Legacy RN Residency

    I went to the first interview and am waiting to hear back... very anxiously, may I add!
  11. channo92

    Nursing salary in Salt lake city and surrounding areas

    Hello! I am just finishing my program in SLC. I am moving back to Portland after, but I asked almost all my preceptors what the going rate for their unit as a new grad is, and they all said within the 22-25/hr range. Even with a good amount of years in, people were reporting less than 30, but I will say that they have an impressive market for new grads. You won't have a hard time looking for a position as a new grad.
  12. channo92

    Legacy Health Feb 2018 Residency Program

    Hey guys, I am applying for February 2019 residencies, and I have my interview with Legacy in November, Adventist just send me a Hireview request, and Providence just asked for my references. Any advice? What areas came to the Legacy interview? It does sound weird, and I am blowing off a capstone day for it to come all the way home from Utah, but it is more important to me.
  13. channo92

    Providence Portland, OR NEW GRAD Residency 2017

    Hey all, I am graduating in December. I am trying to figure out when Portland applications open up and when you start, like the time of year. I am guessing from these posts March-ish and September-ish starts? I'm tired of looking like every day to see if anything opened for 2019 starts. Thanks in advanced! :) Hope you all had good luck.
  14. channo92

    Legacy RN Residency

    I applied for the February 9, 2019 cohort yesterday when it opened! Best of luck to everyone :)
  15. channo92

    day in life of dialysis RN? please describe

    These are all great answers. I have something to add. I was a dialysis tech for 2 years in the chronic clinical setting, and as a nurse there, you are not very hands on. The techs do the prep, bicarb/acid prep, sticking, machine set up, running, monitoring, discontinuation, and tear down. The nurses are documenting almost ALL day and doing follow-ups. They are in meetings, answering phones, doing care plans, and administering meds/doing foot checks when they are interacting with patients. The tech will usually be the one to calculate the amount that will be pulled, but the RN will make sure that they are doing enough/pulling less if the patient is around their dry weight. The nurse will also be closely monitoring the dry weights (where homeostasis occurs) frequently to see if they need it adjusted. The chronic setting, as said before, is MUCH different for RNs than the acute setting. Acute settings, you will be working with inpatients and patients just starting on a CVC. I learned SO much as a tech when I was one, and it has helped me tremendously in school, skill and knowledge wise. I never thought I would say this, but I am looking into an acute dialysis position as my first position out of school. Such an amazing field. PLEASE treat your techs well if they are doing their jobs correctly. You will need each other, and trust between people makes things work out just so much more nicely for everyone, including the patients.
  16. channo92

    Roseman University ABSN Utah July 2017

    Congrats, all!! I have not been good at following up on my post, jeez!

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