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So what's going on! :uhoh3: It seems like things are drying up in Las Vegas. I don't see half the jobs that I did a year ago.What happened to the critical nursing shortage in Las Vegas? Is there still a demand? Is this just a... Read More

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    I just passed nclex-rn last week. What should i expect now? You think they still hire new RNs? ooh..

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    The jobs are there keep your head up..
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    Quote from VegasEMT
    The jobs are there keep your head up..

    Thanks VegasEMT.. I really hope i could find a good job for me soon.
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    I know this thread started about a year ago but I was wondering how it turned out for everyone. I graduated the end of May 2010 and have passed my NCLEX on the first try. I graduated with honors and had the highest GPA in my graduating class. I also received the Director of Nursing Award. After all of this hard work, I can barely get a response from my applications, never mind an interview. Everyone wants at least 1 year of experience. I am so discouraged and have never had such a hard time finding a job in my life. Does anyone have any leads or suggestions for a new grad in Las Vegas? I am out of patience and money!!!
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    I am in the same boat! I haven't even got a phone call.
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    I have just moved to Vegas from MI to be with my bf. I have only a year expierience, and no one called me until today. Desert Springs Hospital scheduled some clinical test for me to pass, and potentially to have an interview with the unit manager. I am a little bit upset as I do not know much about Desert Springs and was not able to find much in the Internet. Can anyone help?
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    I am a new grad and I am currently working at Desert Springs Hospital (DSH). I can say I enjoy working there. I have found for the most part everyone is very friendly and helpful. When I was hired my NM explained DSH is making changes to improve customer satisfaction and employee collaboration. With that said, not all areas are equal. Unfortunately, I have former classmates working in a different area than I and they are not as happy. I think this is due to the continued transition. With any facility there are pros and cons.

    Good luck in your job hunt.
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    Thank you! I appreciate your feedback!
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    My first year as an RN I was working 3 jobs, one full time and two per diem. I used one job to get another better one. Then I utilized the second job as a stepping stone to get a third job. Once I was over six months at the other two facilities I weighed out my options for transferring within the hospital systems. I made some strategic moves to land the job and unit I wanted to work for. Thus I transitioned one full time job to another, becoming per diem at the former full time job. I also played employers against each other to increase my salary. I am making around 9$ more than most of the people I graduated with.
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    Thanks, UNLV-RN! Any job is better than no job! I am surprised they pay in Vegas more than in Michigan in certain hospitals. Also, I found that prices for food, rent, and even gym are less expensive. I rejected a job offer here trying to find something better, and meanwhile my husband got offered to transfer to Arizona. So now I am starting again with job search and license transfer Who knew! Thank for your feedback!

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