Renown Hospital New Grad Question - page 2

Hi, I am a graduate from NSC but was licensed here in CA. Job market here for new grad nursing sucks, that's a given, but since I've recently spoken to a nurse manager of a hospital in my area,... Read More

  1. by   smallnurse10
    SNF pays more on average than the hospitals in Reno. To me a job is a job. Nursing is going to pay you less no matter where you go, so if that is what you want the experience has to come for somewhere.
  2. by   brandy1017
    So if you work as a paramedic are you a city or govt employee where the benefits are extraordinary. I wouldn't want to give those benefits up, because most private hospital benefits suck, esp health insurance.

    Couldn't you do flight for life nursing with your same employer? I knew a paramedic who became a nurse and she did flight for life.
  3. by   rshenry
    Yep, I am! I can't be a flight nurse as 2 years ICU/CCU experience as an RN is needed. Plus I don't like to fly. For now, I am staying put.