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Hi, I am a graduate from NSC but was licensed here in CA. Job market here for new grad nursing sucks, that's a given, but since I've recently spoken to a nurse manager of a hospital in my area, it was confirmed that the... Read More

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    I have applied at St Mary's. What smaller hospitals are in the area? I don't want to work in a SNF or LTC. I am in a strange situation where I have another job that pays more than nursing so taking a position in a SNF or LTC just isn't an option.

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    what do you do that pays more? Do you like that job? What are the pro's and con's of the non-nursing job you have now?
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    I have worked for the same employer for the past 23 years. I am at the top pay and retirement step. I have my choice of schedules too. I make 92K per year before overtime. I work in the highest pay area in the nation for Paramedics. Starting Paramedics work terrible shifts and make 1/2 the pay.
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    SNF pays more on average than the hospitals in Reno. To me a job is a job. Nursing is going to pay you less no matter where you go, so if that is what you want the experience has to come for somewhere.
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    So if you work as a paramedic are you a city or govt employee where the benefits are extraordinary. I wouldn't want to give those benefits up, because most private hospital benefits suck, esp health insurance.

    Couldn't you do flight for life nursing with your same employer? I knew a paramedic who became a nurse and she did flight for life.
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    Yep, I am! I can't be a flight nurse as 2 years ICU/CCU experience as an RN is needed. Plus I don't like to fly. For now, I am staying put.

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